In the weeks since Steve Jobs’ untimely passing, the Cogito team has used semantic technology to sample and analyze sentiment about Jobs on the internet: “Twitter was the place where many immediately went to share quotes, links to online memorials, commercials, cartoons and photos from years past, and to comment about anything and everything related to Jobs.”

The article states, “We thought it would be interesting to take a sample of the tweets over a 12-day period and use our semantic software, in this case, the Cogito Search Explore Engine, to further explore and filter the tweets and see what patterns, people and trends emerged in the data. The benefit of Cogito SEE is that applies semantic technology to the data for automatic text comprehension, and it is able to attack data from different angles, not just quantitatively.”

It adds, “Using filters and different visualization features, we were able to look at the material through various lenses. Filtering the tweets by Places, People and Organizations and using a subject-action-object (SAO) analysis to better understand the roles of words used to form the tweets gave us different levels of detail about the tweets.”

See Cogito’s full analysis here.

Image: Courtesy Cogito