Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Construction 3Approximately 1200 people attended the 2011 Semantic Technology Conference hosted in San Francisco, CA. At least a large portion – if not the majority – were first-time attendees. Products, technologies and methodologies advancing the Semantic Web (aka Web 3.0) crystallized the vision of the “web of meaning” more than ever. The focus of the community seemed rather sharp: Linked Data. As an individual who has been involved the Semantic Web since about 2001, it was rewarding and encouraging observing the steady progress in the space.

From a competency and expertise perspective, it validated my own company’s focus on developing Linked Data using (W3C) RDF. I liken Linked Data to building a foundation. Concentrating here is appropriate, and an increasing number of tools augment our collective ability and efficiency to create Linked Data. Within the Linked Data construct, the conference provided a large number of examples that highlighted approaches and architectures to design, build and deploy Linked Data.

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