James Grundvig of the Huffington Post recently interviewed Tagasauris CEO Todd Carter regarding Big Data. Grundvig begins, “The deluge of big data pitted against the diminishing returns of time is the greatest challenge consumers and businesses face today. To sift through the ocean of data in a fast, seamless way will become the next evolutionary step in social media. It’s easy to collect data in a warehouse, but difficult to pull the integral data that can be accessed, analyzed, and acted upon. Without the ability to filter out the background noise of information, efficiency gains won’t be realized and opportunities will be missed. And that could be something as simple as people’s time.”

He goes on, “With a limited number of hours per day, the time-consuming platforms of the current, receding social media wave — Facebook and Foursquare — will face stiff competition from the next wave of personalized search and full engagement. Don’t believe me? ‘There will be a new wave in the post social world of new players. The post social players will dominate,’ said George Colony, the savvy CEO of Forrester Research. That little nugget is a year old. And he’s right. The next wave will be fought over time, the most valuable, taken-for-granted asset we all own. It will show the ‘new players’ disrupting the disrupters of five years ago.”

Grundvig continues, “Tagasauris, a metadata start-up that organizes the noise and makes it searchable on the Web, was founded in 2010. But its semantics technology is older than that. Like its machine intelligence and crowdsourcing approach to big data, Tagasauris’ motto has evolved, too. Today, the company slogan is ‘Scaling the discoverability of visual media.’ But it used to be: ‘We make your content smarter’ with metadata curation.”

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Image: Courtesy Tagasauris