Red Bee Media, a company that “builds bridges between content and viewers” has posted a new article to their corporate blog regarding the growing volumes of television metadata. The article states, “TV Metadata is becoming increasingly rich and complex – powering increasingly advanced experiences. At a basic level, metadata tells us which programmes are available, and informs us about the content of those programmes. But metadata is getting richer and even bigger to support more visually engaging and functionally sophisticated user experiences.”

The article goes on, “Now – add into the mix all the other data sets that the viewer has exchanged for an improved connected experience. At this point, we’ve tipped over into ‘Big Data’. So what does the future of Big Metadata look like? Let’s imagine we’ve combined together every conceivable piece of consumer information belonging to a viewer.”

It continues, “We’ve got access to their social profiles, search history, on-line retail accounts, data from their mobile devices about where they’ve been and for how long, including from their vehicles. Then imagine we’ve refined, analysed and blended that information together and can make decisions based on this information in real-time. In short, we’ve harnessed Big Metadata, what can we now use it for?”

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ videocrab