Valyn Perini has written a new article on Tnooz, commenting, “Larry Smith of Thematix has previously written several excellent posts in Tnooz about semantic technologies in the travel industry. In particular, their potential to create truly personalized offers by adding distinct value to travel offers based on customer data. At OpenTravel, we’re turning the abstract into the concrete by building a semantic ontology for the car rental industry, including thinking through what it takes to actually plan for a semantically enhanced booking experience, what we call semantic offers.”

Perini continues, “Although there are lots of ways to implement this technology, let’s look at a semantically enhanced web booking experience that shows how semantic offers might be integrated into availability processing on a travel supplier’s branded website. In this example, an airline supplier has partnered with three car rental suppliers, but only one of them, ABC Car Rental, has implemented semantically enhanced services in their booking path. Ted Smith needs to take a one-day business trip to California but has decided to extend the trip by a week and bring along his wife and children for a family vacation.”

Read how this example plays out here.

Image: Courtesy OpenTravel