We’ve seen the big three players in the search engine space honing their semantic edge, and we may soon see one of them deploying semantic technology to sharpen image searches, too. nachofoto says it is in discussions with one of the giants (which it declines to name for now) that could result in a licensing deal to bring its ‘semantic, time-based vertical image search engine,’ currently in beta, to the big-time.

CTO Anuj Agarwal and CEO Vineet Agarwal, the co-founding brothers behind nachofoto and its focus on delivering the most recent image results, decline to name which major search engine we’re talking about.

It would, of course, be pure speculation to draw any conclusions from the fact that the Agarwals both consider the best analogy for what they’re doing as “Powerset for image search” (Microsoft acquired that semantic search engine in 2008 and it’s believed to be powering Bing Wikipedia).

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