Archives: February 2012

Ten Tips for Utilizing Natural Language Help Platforms

Inbenta has published ten tips for incorporating a natural language online help platform into your website. The first tip has to do with chooisng the right natural language platform for your site: “Provide your website with a platform able to perform 100% natural language searches. Semantic search systems allow users to pose their questions in natural language and, unlike what happens with keyword-based search engines, the results displayed are always appropriate and relevant. If you have a website in more than one language, it is a good idea to offer online help in all the available languages, so as all users can equally benefit from this help.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: ISS

ISS is looking for a Software Engineer in Colorado Springs, CO. According to the post, “This position is in ISS’ Advanced Technology Department which focuses on researching and developing state of the art, automated analytical capabilities for use in intelligence operations. These capabilities include automated pattern discovery and recognition, advanced data fusion, behavior and normalcy modeling, text analytics, knowledge management & extraction, and novel data visualizations for various government customers including IARPA, AFRL, and ONR. Primary tasks will include designing, implementing, integrating, and testing java based software components. This will include developing thin client user interfaces with HTML5 and javascript as well as server side components within a Spring based framework.” Read more

Tapjoy Founders Launch Karma Science

Lizette Chapman reports, “With a dream list of investors and the goal of helping people give better gifts more quickly, social mobile commerce company Karma Science is launching Tuesday. The idea came as easily as the venture cash. Co-founders Lee Linden and Ben Lewis (who previously co-founded mobile app platform Tapjoy) wanted to do more than just post a note on Facebook when they’d find out about a friend’s birthday, engagement, new job or other major event. But actually getting to the store to buy a card or gift, finding the person’s current address and then getting it in the mail was cumbersome and didn’t always happen.” Read more

At Facebook The Buzz Is About Mobile Priorities, Brand Timelines, And New Advertising Options

The Open Graph protocol continues to progress: Earlier this week Facebook’s Director of Developer Relations Douglas Purdy talked about its intersection with the mobile web.

According to Purdy, more people are accessing Facebook on the mobile web than from its top native apps combined, and the game is on to help developers conquer the challenges of building for that community. One of those challenges is app discovery. At the Mobile World Congress on Monday, the company announced that it’s continuing to address the first issue with plans to extend to native Android apps the ability for Facebook’s 425 million mobile app users to discover them through Open Graph connections.

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GoodRelations Publishes Free SEO Extension for xt:Commerce

GoodRelations has published a free semantic search engine optimization extension for xt:Coomerce. According to the website, “This free extension module for xt:Commerce automatically adds rich data-markup to your shop pages so that search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can display richer item previews in the search results (“Rich Snippets”) with information about prices, availability, delivery options, images, etc. This typically increases Click-Through-Rates (CTR) by up to 30%. At the same time, your shop will be more accessible for browser extensions and mobile applications.” Read more

YossarianLives Promises Metaphorical Search

YossarianLives, a new search engine named after the main character of Catch-22, offers a different breed of search: instead of providing users with answers, this search engine offers up metaphors. The article explains, “Typing ‘love’ into Google, I find the Wikipedia entry, a ‘relationship calculator’ and Lovefilm, a DVD rental service. Doing the same in YossarianLives, a new search engine due to launch this year, I might receive quite different results: ‘river’, ‘sleep’ and ‘prison’. Its creators claim YossarianLives is a metaphorical search engine, designed to spark creativity by returning disparate but conceptually related terms. So the results perhaps make sense if you accept that love can ebb and flow, provide rejuvenating comfort or just make you feel trapped.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Cornell

Cornell’s Legal Information Institute is looking for a Text Systems Developer in Ithaca, NY. According to the post, “The Text Systems Developer will develop database-driven Web information services and Semantic Web applications that deliver judicial opinions, legislation, regulations, and other legal information and services to a global audience, including web sites, database applications, and utilities, products, and services for the Legal Information Institute, the largest non-commercial legal website on the Internet.” Read more

Apple Plans to Pull Evi from the App Store

It seems that Apple is getting a bit worried about the threat that Evi poses to Siri. According to a recent article, “True Knowledge, the brains behind a popular Siri alternative for iOS devices, received a note from Apple that the company will shoot down the popular 99-cent download from its mobile bazaar. According to TechCrunch, True Knowledge had a call from an Apple representative on Friday evening who informed them the company was ‘going to pull Evi from the App Store,’ citing similarities with Siri.” Read more

Early Bird Deadline for #SemTechBiz SF – Thursday, March 1

This year’s Semantic Technology & Business Conference in San Francisco (#SemTechBiz) will feature some of the best and brightest minds in the world of semantic web technology. The conference — which will run June 3-7 at the Hilton San Francisco in Union Square — will start off strong with a welcome session presented by Tony Shaw, SemTechBiz co-chair and CEO of Dataversity, and Dave McComb, President of Semantic Arts, Inc.

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ThingWorx Partners with Pennsylvania Smart Infrastructure Incubator

A recent article announces, “ThingWorx™, the provider of the first application platform for the connected world, announced its partnership today with Carnegie Mellon’s Pennsylvania Smart Infrastructure Incubator (PSII). The ThingWorx platform will be used to gather and manage real-time information communicated by sensors and other connected devices tied to physical infrastructure. ThingWorx joins IBM and a host of innovative companies that are providing a range of technologies and tools to regional universities and institutions in an effort to blend traditional physical-infrastructure, such as transportation systems and buildings, with cyber-infrastructure- computers, networks, and sensors.” Read more