A new article reports, “eBay is the latest tech giant to embrace Drupal, the open source content management system that now runs an estimated 2 percent of all websites on the planet. As eBay formally launched its new X.commerce business unit — a sweeping effort to bridge the worlds of online and offline payments — the company revealed it had moved the unit’s X.com website to Drupal, dropping the proprietary Jive Software platform the site previously used. ‘We found that Drupal offers more tools and does so faster,’ Neal Sample, chief technology officer of open commerce at eBay” stated.

The article adds, “According to Dries Buytaert — Drupal’s founder and chief technology officer at Acquia, the commercial outfit he built around the open source project — giants such as Twitter, Intel, Symantec, and Brightcove are running similar developer communities atop the platform. All use Acquia Commons, a Drupal distribution billed as an open source alternative to Jive and other “social business” platforms. The distro includes the core Drupal code as well as various modules — or extensions — designed to foster online communication, in part through integration with Facebook and other social networks.”

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Image: Courtesy eBay