David Weir of 7×7.com reports, “Everpix has been building a semantic sorting platform for the past 18 months which takes advantage of the metadata attached to digital photos and automatically sorts them into a visual timeline of your life… The first layer of organization is by time, since that is part of the metadata embedded in each photo, and very often location as well. Everpix analyzes the photos for other elements and groups those that are collections – such as shots from a concert or a trip. ‘We add a semantic layer to your photos that helps classify them by the various elements our technology recognizes,’ says Latour. ‘We can recognize if is a close-up, whether it’s outside or inside, a dinner, flowers, at a beach, etc. We have about 50 categories a photo can be automatically classified as in’.”

Weir continues, “In late June, the company launched an improved user interface including a powerful ‘Highlights’ feature that can compress user collections in such a way that only the most representative photo from a specific date or event is displayed– along with the information that you have, say, 25 more photos from that date or event one click away. ‘By showing you representative photos, Highlights helps trigger your memory as you can look back through all those photos,’ says Fen. Everpix also has a new feature called ‘Flashback’ that resurfaces photos from a year ago today, two years ago or ten years ago – however far back your personal collection goes. You can quite easily see an entire year’s photos as an overview, again organized as panels of the most representative photos and events.”

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Image: Courtesy Everpix