Sean Creeley of Embedly recently commented on the rise of Facebook’s Open Graph: “42% of all URLs that Embedly processes have one or more Open Graph tags. If you aren’t familiar with Open Graph, it’s the semantic metadata that Facebook introduced in 2010. Initially, it could only provide the title, image, and description for links and a few other objects, but it’s been extended to power pretty much every third-party application in the stream. Yes, the special sauce that allowed Viddy and SocialCam to amass millions of users in days is Open Graph.”

He continues, “Recently on Quora, we were asked how Open Graph had affected us. So we added a few variables to our Statsd/Graphite setup. In this graph (above), the purple region represents links we’ve crawled that provide Open Graph metadata as a percentage of all links. Embedly’s crawler doesn’t go out looking for URLs. We only process URLs that have been shared through our API. You can then postulate that our Open Graph average is actually higher as the sites that are shared more are optimized to be shared in Facebook. All these graphs were generated over the last 36 hours, which is a sample size of 12 Million URLs.”

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Image: Courtesy Embedly