Franz’s NoSQL database, AllegroGraph has become the first NoSQL database to load over one trillion RDF Triples, a feat that is being called “a major step forward in scalability for the Semantic Web.” According to the article, “A trillion RDF Statements eclipses the current state of the art for the Semantic Web data management but is a primary interest for companies like Amdocs that use triples to represent real-time knowledge about telecom customers. Per-customer, Amdocs uses about 4,000 triples, so a large telecom like China Mobile would easily need 2 trillion triples to have detailed knowledge about each single customer.”

Dr. Jans Aasman, CEO of Franz stated, “Some people have asked, ‘Why not do this on a distributed cloud system with Hadoop?’ The quick answer: NoSQL databases like Hadoop and Cassandra fail on joins. Big Enterprise, big web companies and big government intelligence organizations are all looking into big data to work with massive amounts of semi-unstructured data. They are finding that NoSQL databases are wonderful if one needs access to a single object in an ocean of billions of objects, however, they also find that the current NoSQL databases fall short if you need to run graph database operations that require many complicated joins.”

Aasman will be delivering a presentation at the upcoming SemTechBiz Conference in the UK next month entitled Intelligent Decision Automation on an Event Driven Semantic Platform.

Image: Courtesy Franz