Libby Miller and Chris Newell of the BBC recently introduced the ViSTA-TV project. They write, “ViSTA-TV (Video Stream Analytics for Viewers in the TV Industry) is a two-year collaborative research project about linked open data, statistics and recommendations for live TV, involving online TV viewing data, programme metadata and other external sources of data. We are working with three research institutions (University of Zurich, TU Dortmund University, and the VU University Amsterdam) and two companies (Zattoo and Rapid-I) to create: (1) Real-time TV recommendations for viewers. (2) Highly accurate low-latency audience research. (3) A high-quality, linked open dataset about TV. (4) A marketplace for audience metrics.”

They go on, “For us, it’s an opportunity to find interesting uses for the streams of data that are produced by iPlayer showing (anonymously) what channels people are watching and when they start and finish watching. Part of the project is to analyse – in aggregate – whether there are observable events within the video, audio or text streams that make people change channel, and combine this with external features such as peoples’ interests or peoples’ actions on social media.”

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Image: Courtesy ViSTA-TV