An interview with Makx Dekkers of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative covers DCMI’s development with Dekkers as Managing Director over the last ten years and looks ahead to what could happen under the new director, Stuart Sutton. When asked how the organization has changed over the last decade, Dekkers replied, “Around the time when I arrived in 2001, DCMI was exploring its future direction. Our technical experts and people interested in interoperability on a wider scale were participating in the early development of the Semantic Web, and finding ways of incorporating Dublin Core metadata in Linked Data. A lot of work has been done in the past few years in that direction, and now Dublin Core is recognized as one of the core vocabularies for the Semantic Web.”

Dekkers continued, “Over the past 10 years, we have also stabilized the organisation. It is incorporated as an independent legal entity in Singapore, with financial sustainability based on contributions from members and partners from around the world.”

Asked about Dublin Core’s positioning in the metadata world, Dekkers stated, “The Dublin Core vocabulary is very well known and widely used. That’s not going to go away. In terms of Linked Data and the Semantic Web, it is one of the main players. Dublin Core has also been implemented in products that are used by a large amount of users, from word processors to network routers and home entertainment systems.”

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Image: Courtesy DCMI