A new article reports, “Concept Searching, a global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, recently completed a survey of its clients as well as the broader marketplace. The survey focused on the use of intelligent metadata enabled solutions within enterprises from diverse industries and sizes. Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™, which is supported by automatic semantic metadata tagging, auto-classification, and taxonomy management technologies, can be readily extended to improve not only search, but also records management, data privacy, migration, and text analytics. The results of the survey indicated the number one priority is improving enterprise search.”

The article goes on, “With the explosion of unstructured content, enterprise search has become inadequate for the knowledge worker but also renders relevant content inaccessible when applying it to collaboration and text analytics. Organizations are recognizing that search is not a stand-alone technology or application, but must be integrated with business processes and corporate objectives as a key infrastructure component. Regardless of the enterprise search solution, the delivery of meaningful results depends on the ability to effectively index and classify content, and to develop taxonomies to better manage the content. With the unabated growth of unstructured content and the introduction of diverse environments, such as on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, the need to access relevant information is falling far behind organizational needs.”

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Image: Courtesy Concept Searching