Dragon Go!, the free speech recognition app that lets you talk to your Apple devices, is getting an upgrade. The update “adds many more options, including the ability to launch popular movie and TV streaming services; get direct access to more of the most popular names in mobile content, like Spotify; get answers to the toughest of questions from Wolfram|Alpha and Ask.com; and, find friends on Google+.”

The writer notes, “I tried some of the new functions, and was impressed. For instance, I said ‘Watch Mad Men on Netflix,’ and Dragon Go initiated a Google search. When I clicked on the resulting link, my Netflix app launched and the show started… For apps that require a login, you’ll have to set up Dragon Go! to link with those apps, but that’s not a difficult task.”

Nuance CTO Vlad Sejnoha stated, “We’re deeply invested in continuing to evolve Dragon Go! with new features, more content providers and richer app integration, and ultimately opening new doors for the consumer mobile destination experience. This is another step towards the mobile semantic web, and we’ve just gotten started.”

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Image: Courtesy Nuance