Rotten Tomatoes is a great source of movie reviews. They just implemented RDFa and Open Graph Protocol. That is fast moving for a major site. Hat tip to Manu Sporny who tweeted this. About one hour later, the Teaching Your Dragon to dance had 155 Likes. And within the hour, Kingsely Idehen had mashed up the site and put it through his URI burner.

Semantic Web time moves fast.

Three Ways To Look At A Site

Here is how the consumer sees it looking for movie reviews:


And this is the normal HTML “view source”:


Voila, Rotten Tomatoes is part of the Linked Data world

Those are familiar views. Now look at the page after it has been put through Kingsley Idehen’s URI burner:


Facebook Lit The Semantic Web Fire

But now everybody is pouring wood on the fire as fast as they can.

Facebook may have ambitions that worry people, but the fact is that anybody can use this data and they will.