David Needle of Tab Times recently wrote, “Back in the mid-1980s, Apple’s Macintosh helped launch a new industry, desktop publishing. Can the iPad similarly be the device of choice for a new generation of content creators? Scoop.it sure hopes so. The company [last week] released the first iPad app version of its social curation platform with an eye toward turning content consumers into content creators.It’s a publishing by curation platform. You can enrich content with your own insight,’ Scoop.it co-founder and CEO, Guillaume Decugis, said in a demo interview with TabTimes.”

Needle continues, “Scoop.it for iPad lets you find articles, videos, visuals and other content on niche or so-called ‘long tail’ topics in two ways; either the established community of ‘passionate curators’ or the system’s ‘dynamic topic suggestion engine’. The suggestion engine is kind of Scoop.it’s secret sauce. The proprietary search engine is powered by big-data semantic technology that the company says crawls and qualifies more than 10 million web pages daily. Scoop.it also features a community of curators who have already indexed and shared over 50 million pieces of content on topics of interests.”

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Image: Courtesy Scoop.it