A recent article discusses the growing trend of semantically powered “leanback” video players. The article begins, “When you are sat on the sofa at the end of the day relaxing and watching TV, maybe eating food and not in the mood to have to keep constantly making decisions about what to watch you might not think that you are in a situation where Linked Data and SPARQL queries could be useful. Yet the flexibility of the data that can be obtained from data sources supporting these technologies makes them ideal candidates to power a Leanback TV experience. With the right query it is possible to curate a collection of video podcasts that can be played one after each other to keep the TV viewer happy. They still have control, they can still go to any podcast in the collection, but they are not faced with a decision every ten minutes about what to watch, allowing them to relax and discover new content.”

It continues, “There are a few examples around of Leanback video players. Probably three of the best known are YouTube Leanback, Vimeo Couchmode and Redux TV. With these services a selection of videos is picked and put into a list. The videos play one after the other but usually it is possible for the viewer to skip videos or return to the one they like. They can also pick from ‘channels’ which offer themed lists of videos, YouTube for example has channels for Trends and Best of YouTube. In the demo below I have used separate SPARQL queries to populate each channel.”

See that demo and read more here.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ phrenzee