The official attendance count for SemTech 2009 was 1170 individuals, from the following organizations (note many organizations were represented by multiple attendees).

2Paths Hewett Research Redpoint Ventures
3 Sigma Research Hewlett-Packard Reframe It
3banana Inc. Hired Brains Reinvent, Inc.
Abaqus Inc. HP NED Repsol YPF
Adaptive Path HPTi Research in Motion
Adaptive Planning Huawei Technologies Revelytix
AdaptiveBlue RevGen Group
Adobe Systems Humane Artifacts Riot Games
AD-Village Hypercube Ltd. RiverGlass, Inc.
Agent Software IBM RnB Software
AgileStorm LLC IBUKI Ron Rose Associates
Aha Solutions IDA RPI
Air Force Research Laboratory Ida Apps SAIC
Aldo Ventures, Inc. Idaho National Laboratory Saltlux, Inc.
Alexander & Krol Exec. Search Identity Commons San Diego Gas & Electric Inc. IIC San Jose State University
Alitora Systems, Inc. Sandia National Laboratories
Allestelle Inew Sandpiper Software
alliancecloud InfoAdvisors, Inc. Santa Anna IT Research Inst.
Amazon Mechanical Turk InfoCom Research, Inc. SAP
Amdocs Infotec SAP Ventures
American Laboratory Info-Tech/Calgary SC Valley Medical Center
Amichi, LLC InfoWorld SCA Packaging
Apofa Inline Connection, Inc. Scientific Services
Apple, Inc. Inmark Sciova
Aria Marketing Inmark/Value-IT SciVestor
Arpeggio Technology, LLC Innov.Europe scribetribe
Asemantics S.r.l. Institute for Infocomm Research Scripps Networks
Ashtech Systems Sdn Bhd Intel SDForum Intel Capital Second Integral Inteliwise Securboration
AT Group Intellect & Flowcharts SelfOptima
AT&T Intelligent Software Solutions SEMA Group
AT&T Interactive Internal Revenue Service Semantic Arts, Inc.
Audio Visual Semantic Discovery System
AutoClerk Semantic Seed/Apprica Blog
Autonomy Inc. Intrinsyx Technologies Corp Semantic Transformations
AVGiri Intuit Semantic Universe
Babel-Ease Ltd IO Informatics
Backplane Ltd. ion interactive, inc. SemanticV
BAE Systems IQser AG
BBN Technologies iQuest Analytics, Inc. Semantric
Be Informed iSOCO
Bentley Systems IT Holding Semsphere
BetterOffline IT Newswire Serendipity Simplex
Bimson Consulting James Leigh Services Inc. Serene Corporation
Bing/Powerset JD Events Shell JD Global Services
Biogen Idec JES & Co. SIF Association
Bizzarri Software Johnson & Johnson Silicon Valley Journal
BlackBerry – RIM Jones-Dilworth, Inc. SiliconAngle
Blue Cross Blue Shield Texas JPL Silverpeas
Blue Ocean iccss GmbH JS-Kit Simulyze
Boeing JustSystems Siperian
Booz Allen Hamilton JustSystems Evans Research Siri, Inc.
Bosch Kapow Technologies Siteworx
Bosch Research and Tech Ctr KAPS Group Skype Journal
BrandBeliever Kazeon SLAC National Accelerator Lab
BreakPoint Books Kepler Research Inc. Sling Media
BT Keylac Smartlogic
Build Software, LLC Kforce Social Actions
Bundeswehr University Munich KMi, the Open University Social-Semantic Web Start-up
Business Consulting Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State Sony MBA Blogs Knowledge Based Systems Inc. Soongsil University
Cambridge Semantics Inc Knowledge Interaction Sotel
Cambridge Semantics Inc. KONA Spansion
Canaan Partners Kosmix SPAWAR – Atlantic
Cantorva Limited Kreidman, Inc. SPAWAR – Pacific
CBS Interactive, Tech & News KShare Spinaret
CDI KurzweilAI SRI International
Centers for Disease Control Lawrence Livermore Nat’l Lab Stanford Investment Group
Cerebra, Inc. LeveragePoint Stanford NCBO
CheckMi Lingvajo Library Associates Stanford University
Chevron Link TV STAR Group
Cisco Systems Linux Gazette Starr
Clados Management LLC Lockheed Martin StateWare Systems
Clarabridge, Inc. Logilab Steve Ray Consulting
Claremont Creek Ventures LogLogic STI Innsbruck
Clark & Parsia Loma Buena Associates STI International
Cleveland Clinic Looking for New Opportunities Storm Technology Ltd
Clinical Semantics Group Los Alamos National Laboratory Stranova
Cloud9 Analytics LSC Group Ltd Strategic Rainmakers, LLC LVI Structured Dynamics LLC
Clynetic Manz Verlag Schulbuch GmbH STT WebOS, Inc.
CNET News Mark Logic Corporation Sun Microsystems
CognitionTechnologies, Inc. Marvell SUNY at Buffalo
CollabRx Mash4 SVM – PC Expert
Collexis Holdings Inc. MatchPoint Solutions Swedish Defence Rsrch Agency
Collibra Matrixware Information Services Swingly
Connectbeam Maven Research Symian Development
Consulteer Maxim Synopsys
Contractor MEDecision, Inc Syntactica
Cooperative Mind MEDIA llc Synthema – SsLT
Coosmic Corp. Media Research Associates SYSTAP
Copernic Tadpole Ventures
CoreTalk Mendacomp, LLC Talis Information Ltd
CQ Press Menlo Ventures TCG Software Services
Creative Commons Merck and Co., Inc. Technology Review Deutschland
Creative Strategies Ventures TechVision Associates
Credo Systems MetaDolce Technologies, Inc. TELUS Corporation
Crosslink Capital MetaTech Consulting, Inc. Tenforce
Cruxlux Metatomix, Inc. Tesfa
CSC Metaweb Tetherless World Consellation
CSDN Mevident, Inc. TextDigger
CTG Microsoft TextWise
CTG Life Sciences MindCite Thales
Custom Technology Ltd. Minnesota Historical Society The Analysis Group
Cycorp, Inc. MIT The Cloud of Data
Cyladian Tech Consulting MITRE The CloudStem Technology
Dapper Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners The French News Agency
Data & BI Arch & Impl, LLC Mob2Test The Ken Orr Institute
Data News Model Driven Solutions The New York Times Company
DB Consulting Modus Operandi, Inc. TheDataTank
DCKAP Technologies Monterey Bay Aquarium Rsrch
Debatum Moreover Technologies, Inc. theTaxonomyblog
Decision Mgmt Solutions Morgan Borszcz Consulting Thomson Corp International
Defense Technical Info Center Multiware Thomson Reuters OpenCalais
Deloitte Consulting LLP MuseGlobal, Inc. Thomvest Ventures
Demandbase Nancy Clemens Consulting ThoughtWorks Studios
Department of Defense NASA Ames Research Center Time Inc. Interactive
DERI, NUI Galway Nat’l Archives & Records Admin Timebinder Consulting
Developer NAVTEQ TipTop Technologies, Inc. NC3A Tokyo Medical and Dental Univ
Digital Software Magazine nCircle Tom Sawyer Software
Dilijent Solutions, LLC neo Abacus tomoton
DISA TRANSCOM Nervana TopQuadrant
DisasterCare.Info NetBase Solutions TopQuadrant Korea Inc.
Dow Jones & Company, Inc. Netezza Corporation Toshiba Solutions
Down East Consulting Translation Optimization
Drake Systems Group New Mexico Highlands Univ Travelocity
Dreamworks Animation New Paradigm Tribal Code
DST NewspaperDirect Inc. Tribune Interactive
DynaBoost Next Century Corporation Tristero Consulting
Earley & Associates NGN Media LLC TriviumRLG
Earlytracks NIH True Knowledge
Eclipse Data Systems NIKKEI
EDP Nikkei Electronics U.S. Department of State
Elastra NMBI, Inc. U.S. EPA
Eli Lilly and Company Nokia U.S. Geological Survey
Elo Systems Inc. Nombray UC San Diego
Elsevier Nomura Research Institute, Itd. UC Santa Cruz
Emcee Partners Northrop Grumman Unbound Media
e-Me Ventures Norwegian Defence Research Unisap, Inc.
Encienda SL Nova Ordis LLC Unisys
ENOVIA SmarTeam Novartis University of Cambridge
Entanglement Technologies Novartis Pharma AG University of Karlsruhe
Entrepia Ventures Nstein University of Southampton
Epsilon Interactive NTea University of Texas – Austin NTT DATA AgileNet LLC University of Texas – Houston
Eqentia, Inc. NTTComware University of Washington
Equal Media UniView Systems NZZ Univrz
ESR Technologies Object & Data Labs US Army
Evectors Objective Architects, LLC USAF
evo42 communications Ltd. Oliver Marks & Associates Useful Computing, LLC
Evri Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan USTRANSCOMJ6-A
Exalead OntoAge Vanderbilt Consulting ontoprise GmbH Vara Data Systems
Excellus BCBS Ontos AG Varian Medical Systems
Exceptional Software Strategies Ontotext AD VastEdge
Executive Talks OpenLink Software Vator
Exelixis OptimaLogic, Inc.
Exigen Group Oracle VatorNews
ExitReality Orange Dog Software Venlogic, Inc.
Expershare Orange Labs San Francisco Venture Analytics, Inc.
Expert System Orbis Technologies VentureClef
eXtended Mind Partners Oregon Health & Sci Univ Ventures Technology Watch
ExxonMobil O’Reilly Media Vertex Logic, Inc.
FamilySearch OrganizedWisdom Vision Del Mar, LLC
FAO of the UN Outsell, Inc Vision Systems & Technology
Fedora Commons Overtone Vistakon (Johnson & Johnson)
Femvestor, Inc. Owlfin VIStology, Inc
FGM, Inc. Oxford University Vitria
FindLaw, Thomson Reuters p2presearch voccs, LLC
France Telecom – Orange Labs Pac-Link Ventures VSpace
Franz Inc. Palo Alto Medical Foundation VU University Amsterdam
Freebase Palomar Ventures Vulcan Inc.
Freedom Engineering Systems W2BE
Freelancer Paula Schales Consulting
Fromm Worldwide PAUX Technologies WebMediaBrands
Fujitsu Laboratories of America Peer39 Webroot Software, Inc.
Full Capture Solutions, Inc. Pensive WebSway
Fusion Reactor Perception Labs Wells Fargo
FX Palo Alto Laboratory Perot Systems Wharton | San Francisco
Galgal Systems PharmaSURVEYOR Widality
Gartner Phase2 Technology Windmill International
GE Healthcare Pinnacle Exhibits Wipro Technologies
Genentech Polished Pixels Wirespeak
Getty Research Institute Powerset Division of Bing WisdomTap
GlobalTech Research Powerset, Inc. Wolfram | Alpha Poznan Univ of Economics Wolters Kluwer
Gluejar, Inc PricewaterhouseCoopers World Wide Web Consortium
Golem Primal Fusion Inc. Xamtech LLC
Google Procter & Gamble XIM Inc.
GRACE Research Corp Profium XMaLpha
Gracenote Progeny Systems
gracepoint Progress Software xploreplus Project10X XSB, Inc.
Growthroute Ventures Public Library of Science Yahoo!
Guidewire Group PUC-Rio, SRI, FGV Yahoo! Inc.
Guidewire Software Inc. Quantum Beez Sdn Bhd Yahoo! Research
GWS Quintiles Yahoo! Search
HAAGA-HELIA Raytheon Yebol
Haft Enterprises Razorfish YouInWeb Software
hakia, Inc. ReadWriteWeb zAgile
HALO Worldwide Rearden Commerce zAgile Inc
HandsOn Network, Inc. Reavis & Associates Zemanta Recognos Financial Zepheira
Hearst Interactive Media Recognos, Inc. ZLINQ Solutions, Inc.


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