TabCo is set to release it’s new product on Monday, and the industry is buzzing about what semantically-driven technologies they might have to unleash. According to a new article, “For a company whose products no one has actually seen or knows much about, TabCo has garnered massive buzz on the Net and a tweet-load of social media speculation. Meanwhile the firm has kept its technology wrapped in cranked-down vault that makes Steve Jobs seem loose-lipped. We know that it has roots in the new touchscreen tablet paradigm. It’s not a new Apple thing, nor simply an app for an iPad or other tablet. We know there’s no 3-D or stylus, and hints the firm has released suggest it’s a real product, with an SD card slot, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a ‘predictive UI’ and a ‘unique’ design. Some have speculated that the hardware may have a circular display.”

Fast Company has learned that it, whatever ‘it’ is, “‘draws information from the semantic web and anticipates users’ information needs, whether that means searching the web, buying a product, getting directions or otherwise.’ So: Language, possibly natural language analysis, is key to the tech, meaning it may monitor what you’re up to and searching for, and go off and pre-fetch or pre-search information for you … perhaps, we’re guessing, delivering it to you as on-screen hints as you do other things (a kind of Google Instant for activities?).”

Learn more here, and check back with us on Monday – our own Jennifer Zaino will be covering the highly anticipated release of ‘it.’

Image: Courtesy TabCo