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What Will The Internet of Things Look Like in 2020?

5436515880_784b02af11_bDr. Mahesh Saptharishi of Forbes recently wrote, “Communication, in its many forms, has tremendous power… When you combine language with the Internet, you see how our lives have changed; we are freed from past limitations of distance, time and memory. Sensors give us an even greater opportunity to experience our world. The Internet-of-Things (IoT), as these connected sensors are collectively called, has enabled the digitization of language communicated by the physical world. Sensors allow the Internet to instantly extend the reach of our sight and sound. The data from sensors allow us to not only interactively, but also observationally communicate language.” Read more

Semantic Search for Travel Will be the Standard by 2020

Carsten Kraus, CEO of FACT-Finder reports, “Technology continues to push the travel, tourism and hospitality industry forward and make it more dynamic than ever before. But the next phase is where it gets REALLY exciting… In the UK alone, 78% of people still search via their desktop, but a growing number now also search via their mobile and tablet devices (13% and 9% respectively). But we are beginning to see some frustration among those who search for their holidays online, because search engine technology cannot match up to the imagination and sophistication of the human mind.” Read more