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Open The Door To Bringing Linked Data To Real-World Projects

ld1Linked Data: Structured Data on the Web is now available in a soft-cover edition. The book, authored by David Wood, Marsha Zaidman, Luke Ruth, and Michael Hausenblas, and with a forward by Tim Berners-Lee, aims to give mainstream developers without previous experience with Linked Data practical techniques for integrating it into real-world projects, focusing on languages with which they’re likely to be familiar, such as JavaScript and Python.

Berners-Lee’s forward gets the ball rolling in a big way, making the case for Linked Data and its critical importance in the web ecosystem:“The Web of hypertext-linked documents is complemented by the very powerful Linked Web of Data.  Why linked?  Well, think of how the value of a Web page is very much a function of what it links to, as well as the inherent value of the information within the Web page. So it is — in a way even more so — also in the Semantic Web of Linked Data.  The data itself is valuable, but the links to other data make it much more so.”

The topic has clearly struck a nerve, Wood believes, noting that today we are “at a point where structured data on the web is getting tremendous play,” from Google’s Knowledge Graph to the Facebook Open Graph protocol, to the growing use of the vocabulary, to data still growing exponentially in the Linked Open Data Project, and more. “The industry is ready to talk about data and data processing in a way it never has been before,” he continues. There’s growing realization that Linked Data fits in with and nicely complements technologies in the data science realm, such as machine learning algorithms and Hadoop, such that “you can suddenly build things you never could before with a tiny team, and that’s pretty cool….No technology is sufficient in and of itself but combine them and you can do really powerful things.”

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Callimachus Open Source 1.2 Is Out


According to a new announcement from the company 3 Round StonesCallimachus Open Source v1.2 has been released.  Callimachus is a Linked Data application server used by the Federal Government for publishing open data on the Web and Fortune 1000 for consuming and visualizing a combination of enterprise and open content.  3 Round Stones is working to make Callimachus the choice of Web developers who want to rapidly write and host data-driven Web applications.   Callimachus Open Source 1.2 provides a number of improvements across the board – some which improve use experience for building visualizations with the Chart Wizard and some back end changes aimed at improving scaling and performance. As always, for full details about the project and downloads check out  Here are some highlights.” Read more

“Top Semantic Start-Up” Competition – Open for Submissions!

photo of 2012 trophyThe preliminary program for the upcoming Semantic Technology & Business Conference (June, 2-5, 2013 in San Francisco) was announced yesterday. Today, we are pleased to add that the second annual “Top Semantic Start-Up Competition” is open for submissions! The contest will take place at the conference venue, the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco, on Monday, June 3, 2013. Start-ups who wish to compete should visit for further details.

“It is a very exciting time for start-ups in the Semantic Technology sector. With organizations like Gartner taking note of the importance of these technologies, and companies of all sizes wanting to glean insight from increasingly available data sources, investors and customers are paying attention. Last year, the judges had a difficult time deciding which company would win the prize. This year, we expect that decision will be even harder,” said contest moderator, our own Eric Franzon.

There will be two phases to the contest. In phase one, companies enter a profile of their start-up in an online form (keep reading for details), and ten finalist companies will be selected to present their pitches in person at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference. In phase 2, those ten companies will each deliver a pitch in front of a panel of judges with experience in entrepreneurship and investment. A single company will be selected as the winner. Prizes will be awarded at the completion of each phase.

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Callimachus Version 1.0

Callimachus LogoThe Callimachus Project has announced that the latest release of the Open Source version of Callimachus is available for immediate download.
Callimachus began as a linked data management system in 2009 and is an Open Source system for navigating, managing, visualizing and building applications on Linked Data.
Version 1.0 introduces several new features, including:
  • Built-in support for most types of Persistent URLs (PURLs), including Active PURLs.
  • Scripted HTTP content type conversions via XProc pipelines.
  • Ability to access remote Linked Data via SPARQL SERVICE keyword and XProc pipelines.
  • Named Queries can now have a custom view page. The view page can be a template for the resources in the query result.
  • Authorization can now be performed based on IP addresses or the DNS domain of the client.

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Centralized Data Repositories: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, And Gone

Is it time for the enterprise to lose the idea of the holy grail of a central repository of multi-sourced data?

Experts in the semantic web space think that’s the case. At the recent Semantic Web Technology and Business Conference in New York City, a few weighed in on the issue.

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Pharma Becoming Ever-Bigger Fan of Semantic Technology

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At the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in New York City last week, attendees got to hear a lot about how semantic technology is influencing various sectors, such as government (see our stories here and here) and media (see this article and this one). Another prominent one on display: pharmaceuticals.

Pharma, for example, was the driving use case for the update to Callimachus that focuses on helping users deal with data that’s external to the framework for data-driven applications, David Wood, CTO of Callimachus project sponsor 3 Round Stones, told The Semantic Web Blog at the event. (To learn more about the update, see our story here.)

A session on Tuesday last week saw Lee Feigenbaum, vp of marketing at Cambridge Semantics, which makes the Anzo express and Anzo Enterprise solutions,  put forth a case for semantic tech as being key to data integration and interoperability in the sector, as well. “Can semantic web technologies break down enterprise data silos just as they break down document silos on the web?” he said. “The answer to the question is, “Of course.” Compared to the web, the data silo challenges of even the largest pharmaceuticals organization is relatively minor.”

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Callimachus Update Has Big Implications for Data Interoperability

Callimachus is getting an update. It’s been quiet for a few months over at the framework for data-driven applications based on Linked Data principles, but with good reason, says David Wood, CTO of Callimachus project sponsor 3 Round Stones. 3 Round Stones also offers Callimachus Enterprise, winner of this year’s Startup Competition at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Francisco.

Big things were on the menu for this release, which should emerge from beta today. To date, all the RDF that Callimachus has dealt with has been local to it, Wood explains. “People have been saying for ages, ‘But I don’t want to copy the LOD cloud into Callimachus to deal with it. I want to deal with a lot of data out there in the world, in enterprise systems, an Oracle server, or the LOD cloud,” he says.

The new release takes on the challenge of dealing with data that’s external to Callimachus.

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3 Round Stones Named “Top Semantic Technology Start-Up” At Semantic Tech & Business Conference

Press Release: (San Francisco, CA – June 5, 2012) – WebMediaBrands Inc. (Nasdaq:  WEBM) and today announced that 3 Round Stones has been named the “Top Semantic Technology Start-Up,” following a competition in which 12 companies vied for the prize.  The competition was held this afternoon at the Semantic Tech & Business Conference(#SemTechBiz), which runs through Thursday at the Hilton San Francisco, Union Square.

To qualify for the title, a prospective company had to have a demonstrable product (at least in the “beta” stage) in the SemTech or SemWeb space, and has received no more than a Series A round of funding.


During today’s “pitch session,” judges reviewed live presentations from the sector’s most innovative start-ups including DSAPPS Inc., Pure Discovery Corporation, DishTip, KimmiC, INFORBIX, SindiceTech, seevl, Vital Al, Capsenta, and Saplo.   David Wood, CTO of 3 Round Stones, made the winning presentation for their Callimachus Enterprise product.

“As this group of companies represents the leading-edge of development in Semantic Technology, our group of judges had a rather difficult task at hand in selecting just one for the top prize,” said moderator Eric Franzon, VP of Community,  “We congratulate 3 Round Stones on this achievement, along with all the other companies for making such compelling presentations.”

In addition to Mr. Franzon, the panel of expert judges included:

  • Phil Aucutt – CEO, TeamPatent
  • Mike Dunn – CTO, Hearst Interactive
  • James Hendler – Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Mark Johnson – CEO, Zite
  • Chris Shipley – CEO, Guidewire Group

As the recipient of this award, 3 Round Stones will give a half-hour presentation during the official Semantic Technology and Business conference program tomorrow, June 6th, at noon, and will receive an award on stage during the event’s final keynote presentation.  Additionally, they will be featured in an article at, which will include interviews with key officers.

For complete event information, schedules, and registration, please visit .  For inquiries on sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities, please contact Frank Fazio .

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Drs. Wood & Seuss Explain RDF in Two Minutes

“How would you explain RDF to my grandmother?  I still don’t get it…” a student recently asked of David Wood, CTO of 3Roundstones. Wood was speaking to a class called “Linked Data Ventures” and was made up of students from the MIT Computer Science Department and the Sloan School of Business. He responded by creating a slide deck and subsequent video explaining the Resource Description Framework using the classic Dr. Seuss style of rhyming couplets and the characters Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I hope this student’s grandmother found this as enjoyable as I did. (Video after the jump). Read more

The EPA Explores A Linked Data Ecosystem

The Environmental Protection Agency is facing some tough challenges in the run-up to the presidential elections. The House wants to cut its funding by 18 percent, and it’s dealing with criticism from some corners that new regulatory proposals could impose another burden on businesses that may hurt economic recovery efforts.

Hands up if you think this makes an even stronger case for investigating the role of semantic technology and Linked Data projects in the government sector. Semantic technology doesn’t favor any political parties’ agendas, of course. But Linked Data approaches do help the government (and the citizenry) do more with and get more out of data for less money, as Bernadette Hyland, co-chair W3C Government Linked Data Working Group and CEO of 3 Round Stones, explains here.

Add to that that its application could some day have a softening impact on regulatory requirements, too. While it’s too early in the government’s exploration of Linked Data for such scenarios to have been played out yet, the idea seems to have merit. “I’m part of the EPA’s IT organization so I’m not really involved in policy work, but there’s huge potential there,” says  David G. Smith, Information Management Specialist at the U.S. EPA. Smith will be speaking at the upcoming Semantic Tech & Business Conference in Washington D.C. about the work the EPA has underway related to Linked Data.

Consider, for example, that modeling and publishing and mashing linked government data sets – the EPA’s but other agencies’, too – could lead to new understandings into the cumulative regulatory burden on companies.

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