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Publishers Release Unfinished Aaron Swartz Manuscript

Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing reports that Morgan & Claypool Publishers have decided to release an unfinished manuscript written by Aaron Swartz entitled A Programmable Web. Michael B. Morgan, CEO of the publishing house wrote, “In 2009, we invited Aaron Swartz to contribute a short work to our series on Web Engineering (now The Semantic Web: Theory and Technology). He produced a draft of about 40 pages — a ‘first version’ to be extended later — which unfortunately never happened.” Read more

Proposal for “Aaron’s Law” Following Death of Aaron Swartz

Kim Zetter of Wired reports, “The suicide last month of coder and internet activist Aaron Swartz prompted an outcry about the manner in which a U.S. attorney used anti-hacking legislation to launch a heavy-handed prosecution for what many considered a minor infraction. Federal prosecutors in Boston defended their actions, saying they were only upholding the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, under which Swartz was charged. But two lawmakers are proposing long-overdue changes to the law that would help prevent prosecutors from overreaching in their use of the law, as has occurred in a number of cases in recent years.” Read more