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ADmantX Raises $2.4 Million to Continue Company Growth

ADmantXNEW YORK, NEW YORK, Jul 31, 2014 — ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, today announced the completion of $2.4M financing. As demand for new audience data and semantic targeting increases, the investment will support the company’s strategy for commercial expansion and evolution of its product line.

Increasing reliance on data for brand protection, audience profiling and optimizing the match between ads and page content require solutions for targeting that are innovative and effective. Read more

ADmantX Awarded Patent for Semantic Advertising Technology


NEW YORK, NEW YORK — (Marketwired) — 04/10/14 — ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark office has awarded patent US 8543578 B2 for its flagship semantic technology. The ADmantX technology automatically comprehends content in both advertising messages and page content to ensure brand-safe, effective ad delivery.


The lack of relevance between advertisements and page content continues to be one of advertising’s biggest challenges. Most providers rely on technologies that use cookies and keywords to serve ads. Because these technologies are unable to understand the meaning or context of page content, ads could be placed with inappropriate, non brand-safe content. Read more

ADmantX Partners With Turn to Give Enterprise Marketers and Advertisers Spot-on Contextual Data


NEW YORK, NEW YORK–(Marketwired – Oct. 21, 2013) - ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, and Turn, the marketing software and analytics platform, today announced a partnership to enable Turn’s clients to improve performance of their online ad campaigns by leveraging ADmantX semantic analysis and targeting. Read more

Adform and ADmantX Partner to Deliver Advanced Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting Within Adform’s DSP

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM and COPENHAGEN, DENMARK–(Marketwired – Sept. 9, 2013) - ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, announced today that ADmantX superior semantic features are now live on Adform, Europe’s leading advertising technology platform. Through the integration, Adform’s customers will automatic access the ADmantX rich set of semantic data to improve their campaign success, safety and efficiency. Read more

ADmantX Named “Cool Vendor” in E-Commerce by Gartner

NEW YORK, NEW YORK–(Marketwired – May 15, 2013) - ADmantX, the next-generation contextual analysis and semantic data provider, today announced that it has been included in Gartner “Cool Vendors for E-Commerce, 2013″ report, published on April 9, 2013, and authored by Chris Fletcher, Gene Alvarez, Praveen Sengar, Penny Gillespie, Regina Casonato, Andrew Frank.

The report reviews five vendors that provide innovative offerings in the digital marketing, social products, and digital and social e-commerce space. The main issue limiting the online advertising market is the disconnect between advertisement placement and the relevance of the copy. This is due to the reliance on keyword frequency without considering the meaning. Ads may appear on pages that have little significance to the assigned page or may produce counterproductive effects. Semantic technology automatically extracts the meaning in text to increase the relevance of ads, and maximize the website visitor’s receptiveness to advertising content. Read more

Could Top 10 US Newspapers Up Revenue by $400M with Semantic Targeting?

ADmantX has released the findings of a new study “conducted on the top 10 US newspapers by simulating A/B testing using keyword targeting/semantic targeting on 20,000 pages from each publication. The analysis noted an average increase in ad reach up to 73% and an average increase in ad lift up to 48% using semantic targeting. Optimizing the match between content and ad is a fundamental step in making the economics of digital advertising work for buyer, seller and consumer.” Read more

Taking Big Data To Online Advertising

The ways in which Big Data may be turned to advantage are still emerging. One stake in the ground is happening in the advertising industry, where AdmantX is considering it in the context of environmental targeting.

The service is extending its semantic contextual targeting that considers emotions, behavior and motivation when matching ads to page content by also now looking to online content outside a particular page. “We are saying that there is this Big Data available to us, and at least in the ad world we ought to include that,” says CMO J. Brooke Aker.

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Smart Ad Sophistication Lacking in News Industry, To Its Peril

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism State of the News Media 2012 report was just published, and among the findings is that efforts by most top news sites to monetize the web in their own right are still limited. Few news companies, it reports, “have made much progress in some key new digital areas. Among the top news websites, there is little use of the digital advertising that is expected to grow most rapidly, so-called “smart,” or targeted, advertising.”



Failing to make a lot more hay from digital ads is problematic for traditional news companies given the decline in print circulation and in its ad revenue, too. The report says that in 2011, losses in print advertising dollars outpaced gains in digital revenue by a factor of roughly 10 to 1, which it calls an even worse ratio than in 2010.

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ADmantX Launches IAB-Compliant Taxonomy & New Interface

Semantic advertising firm ADmantX has released “its new, IAB-compliant taxonomy and an enhanced interface to plan, test and execute more effective online advertising. The new ADmantX taxonomy enriches the IAB taxonomy with a larger, broader set of categories and emotions to provide the greatest level of detail and targeting in the market today, as required by advertisers. The new taxonomy includes over 900 categories, with 100 specifically for the emotions readers experience in consuming content. Emotions present in content are a bridge between current contextual and behavioural targeting techniques not offered by other vendors.” Read more

ADmantX Partners with adBrite

Semantic advertising web service ADmantX has announced a partnership with adBrite, “the largest independent ad exchange, to offer brand safety, greater ad engagement and page-level, cookie-less targeting to advertisers and publishers.” The article states, “In today’s complex and rapidly evolving online advertising landscape, audience targeting is at the heart of any attempt to maximize online ad effectiveness. Semantic-based analysis and dynamic categorization provided by ADmantX will now be available through adBrite, allowing them to leverage the combination of emotional intelligence and contextual and semantic targeting in real time.” Read more