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A Smarter World with Machine-to-Machine Computing

Goutam Das of Business Today India recently discussed the fascinating steps that Balaji Lakshmanan, founder of Geeky Technology & Consulting is taking with machine-to-machine computing. Das writes, “Men double his age could easily get an inferiority complex looking at 34-year-old Balaji Lakshmanan’s resume. He has written and reviewed international papers on robotics, taught 5,000 students through workshops and has two provisional international patents. He has been ‘robotic consultant’ for a Tamil film featuring a superhero, Mugamoodi, and has delivered robots to the Indian Army. He also runs Geeky Technology & Consulting, whose domain name,, once again underlines his specialisation.” Read more

AI Getting Closer to Passing Turing Test

Brandon Keim reports that the Turing Test may soon be passed. He writes, “One hundred years after Alan Turing was born, his eponymous test remains an elusive benchmark for artificial intelligence. Now, for the first time in decades, it’s possible to imagine a machine making the grade. Turing was one of the 20th century’s great mathematicians, a conceptual architect of modern computing whose codebreaking played a decisive part in World War II. His test, described in a seminal dawn-of-the-computer-age paper, was deceptively simple: If a machine could pass for human in conversation, the machine could be considered intelligent.” Read more

The Semantic Web and Your Next Vacation

A new article discusses how semantic technologies can and are changing the face of the online travel industry. The article states, “Shopping the experience means using customer benefits, words, and concepts to wrap the travel product in advance – to anticipate customer needs. It means creating an entry point or sidebar to create anticipation, set expectations, convey satisfaction cues and engage before the buying process. We have new tools and techniques with semantics and the semantic web. This is where customer benefits and concepts can be delivered with marketing (selling), and technology (presentation) in a new and cost efficient way.” Read more

Exciting Developments at Health.Data.Gov

George Thomas recently wrote about the exciting advances in adding clinical quality linked data to Thomas also presented on this topic at last week’s Semantic Technology Conference. Thomas writes, “In addition to making flatfiles available to download on the Web, and providing applications that enable programmatic access to backend databases through the Web, imagine using the Web itself as a database: a massively distributed, decentralized database. This is what Linked Data is about – putting data in the Web. As part of our ongoing collaboration to democratize open government data with, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are now publishing Clinical Quality Linked Data on, beginning with Hospital Compare.” Read more

RDF 2 or RDF 1.0.1?

The RDF2 Working Group met face-to-face in Amsterdam last week, and Guus Schreiber (who serves as co-chair of the group with David Wood) has just posted about some of the highlights. Schreiber said, “The results of the [Working Group] are not likely to shake the Web world, but will hopefully contribute significantly to enhanced and widespread effective use of Semantic Web technology.”

Sandro Hawke, also in attendance at the Working Group, wrote down his thoughts in a blog post: “18 months ago, when Ivan Herman and I began to plan a new RDF Working Group, I posted my RDF 2 Wishlist. Some people complained that the Semantic Web was not ready for anything different; it was still getting used to RDF 1. I clarified that ‘RDF 2’ would be backward compatible and not break existing systems, just like ‘HTML 5’ isn’t breaking the existing Web. Still, some people preferred the term ‘RDF 1.1’.” Read more