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Watson Teams Up with Standard Bank in Africa

watsonOluwabusayo Sotunde of Ventures Africa reports, “Africa’s most innovative bank, Standard Bank Plc has reached an agreement with leading IT services provider, IBM to implement the latter’s new Watson technology. IBM’s Watson technology breaks traditional barriers in computing by embracing artificial intelligence, natural language processing and dynamic learning when assisting customers and businesses with the interpretation of data. Head of Innovation and Channel Design at Standard Bank, Vuyo Mpako explained that the bank partnered with IBM so it could consolidate the technology into its operating system. This would enable Standard Chartered efficiently interpret and maximise its data.” Read more

Watson is Heading to Africa to Address Pressing Problems


BBC News reports, “The vast brainpower of IBM’s supercomputer Watson is to be utilised in Africa to attempt to solve some of the continent’s most pressing problems. Better agriculture, education and health are just three of the improvements the system could bring, said the firm. Watson uses artificial intelligence to analyse huge amounts of data and can also understand human language. Experts said such a system could help the African economy ‘leapfrog’ others. The project dubbed, Lucy, after the earliest known human ancestor fossil which was found in east Africa, will cost $100m (£61m) and take 10 years to complete.” Read more

Lifting People Out of Poverty with Open Data

Prachi Patel of IEEE Spectrum reports, “Farmers today produce three times as much food as they did 50 years ago using just 12 percent more land, thanks to new technologies and better farming practices. But the global playing field isn’t level. In Africa, farmers produce a fraction of what they could, according to the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, and most barely get by, struggling against infertile soil, drought, and diseases. Helping farmers—in Africa and elsewhere—produce more will be key to lifting millions out of poverty and sustainably feeding a world population of 9 billion in 2050. Food-policy experts believe that a crucial step toward that goal is to give farmers, scientists, and entrepreneurs unhindered access to agricultural data which is generated at research centers worldwide.” Read more

What’s the next big wave in IT? – IT News Africa

IT News Africa
What’s the next big wave in IT?
IT News Africa
Just as virtualisation will extend further and evolve into desktop virtualisation and application virtualisation, Web 2.0 will also evolve to Web 3.0 and