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A Tale of Agile Development… of a Standard

Some in the Semantic Technology community have pointed out that from a development perspective, Semantic Technologies are well suited for an agile approach to programming, and we will be discussing that idea more in future here at Today, however, we’re taking a look at some novel thoughts on agile development of a standard, thanks to guest contributor, Andreas Gebhard. He is Director, Editorial at Getty Images, and Board member of the IPTC.

We caught up with Gebhard at the recent Semantic Technology & Business Conference in New York, where he initially shared this idea with us.

He has expanded on these ideas in a post on the Getty Images blog. As Gebhard says, “I want to tell you the story of how we got there in just about a year — tremendously fast, in the world of standards.”

We re-print the post in its entirety below with thanks to the author and Getty Images.

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Catching Up With rNews At NYC SemTech

What’s the latest news about rNews ? Attendees at the SemTech event in NYC Tuesday had a chance to find out.

“The future of rNews 1.0 is rNews .1.1,” said Stuart Myles, deputy director of schema standards at the Associated Press who also heads up the International Press Telecommunications’ Council’s Semantic Web work. At next week’s IPTC meeting a vote will be taken on V. 1.1, with its adoption the hopeful outcome.

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rNews 1.0 is an Official Standard!

[UPDATE – November 9, 2011: the IPTC rNews version 1.0 documentation is now available.]

rNews presentastion at event

Evan Sandhaus, New York Times (seated) and Andreas Gebhard, Getty Images, present rNews.

Today (Oct. 7, 2011), at a gathering of the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), rNews took the step from being a proposal to being a formal standard. rNews was created by the IPTC and made its public debut earlier this year as a proposal for using RDFa to annotate news-specific metadata in HTML documents.

Congratulations to the IPTC and the leaders of the rNews standardization effort: Andreas Gebhard (Getty Images), Evan Sandhaus (New York Times), and Stuart Myles (Associated Press).

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When it comes to, there’s some good news – and some ‘eh’ news.

Let’s start with the positive stuff. Today at the schema blog, the news was released that has added to its NewsArticle and related types such as CreativeWork new properties for mark-up based on the rNews standard from the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC).

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rNews and 7 Ways to Use It Introduced at New York Times Hosted Meetup

Last week, our own Jennifer Zaino reported on a new standard being adopted by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC), called rNews (rNews 0.1, to be exact).

Last night, at the New York Times Building in Manhattan, the Lotico New York City Semantic Web Meetup group was introduced to rNews.  Presenting to the group were Andreas Gebhard (Getty Images), Stuart Myles (Associated Press), and Evan Sandhaus (New York Times).

By all reports, it sounds like rNews was very well received, and there were several takeaways from the evening.  At one point, Stuart Myles offered seven concrete ideas for ways in which rNews could be used. Read more

Extra, Extra: rNews Seeks To Be Semantic Standard For Online News Publishers

News publishing outlets stand to benefit from adopting Semantic Web technologies, and now there’s a lightweight way for them to begin moving in that direction, too.

The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) recently introduced rNews 0.1, a set of specifications and best practices for using RDFa to embed news-specific metadata (headlines, bylines, publication dates and so on) into HTML documents. It hopes rNews will become a standard in the industry for conveying through to browsers and into HTML documents the deep structure and explicitly modeled content that exists in publishers’ back-end data layers. The wider its adoption across news channels, the greater the chance of innovative apps cropping up that can help publishers increase engagement with their audiences, according to rNews’ developers.

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