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Sprylogics’ Semantic Search Tech Will Be Added to 2ya Facebook Chat Application

A recent article out of Sprylogics reports that the company’s “semantic search technology will be integrated into its chat and search application, 2ya for Facebook in the coming weeks.  The Company’s proprietary semantic search technology will be integrated into both the IOS and Android versions of the 2ya application, both of which are currently available for download internationally. Over the last year, the Company has concentrated on evolving its semantic technology into an answer engine that can be easily embedded within mobile applications.” Read more

Sprylogics Focusing on Answer Engine, Liquid Messaging

Sprylogics International has had an interesting year. The company recently shared an update of some of the most significant developments: “The Company has focused heavily in Research and Development over the past year related to the core semantic ‘Answer Engine’ technology as well as the Liquid Messaging Mobile Application and SDK. As the products approach market readiness, the Company has begun showcasing the products to both sophisticated industry insiders, as well as casual users.  We are extremely encouraged with the reception.” Read more

While Google Graphs in 3D, WolframAlpha Takes Shakespeare to Heart

Last week speculation reigned about whether Google had set its sites on computational knowledge engine WolframAlpha, with the announcement that the search engine now is using WebGL technology for enhancing users’ ability to interact with complex, compound math functions. The search giant in December added 2-D graphing to its delivery of computed answers for calculations typed into its search box, and the most recent update means users now can plot and manipulate 3D graphs.

In addition to Google just wanting to own as much of search as possible – and increasingly to want to be a more semantically-enabled answer engine for user queries – discussion pointed to the fact that Wolfram Alpha is integrated with Apple’s Siri technology to help deliver factual answers to iPhone  user queries. And Google itself reportedly is working on a Siri rival in a project code-named Majel that potentially could one-up Siri when it comes to delivering answers to requested information. Not to mention the recently publicized – and both lauded and lampooned – Project Glass, which has been described here as Google’s Siri for your eyes. (See the video here.) As of February, according to the NY Times, Siri accounted for 25 percent of all searches made on WolframAlpha.

WolframAlpha decided to make some more news of its own yesterday, following an already busy first quarter that saw, among other things, the launch of Wolfram Alpha Pro, a fee-based service that lets users compute with their own data, get dynamic versions of existing Wolfram|Alpha output, and download what WolframAlpha computes as data.

Now it’s added to its repertoire a feature that provides some computational insights into the work of the immortal Bard.

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Google Plans to Incorporate Semantic Search

The Wall Street Journal reports on Google’s incorporation of semantic search into its keyword-search system. The article states, “Google Inc. is giving its tried-and-true Web-search formula a makeover as it tries to fix the shortcomings of today’s technology and maintain its dominant market share. Over the next few months, Google’s search engine will begin spitting out more than a list of blue Web links. It will also present more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the search-results page. The changes to search are among the biggest in the company’s history and could affect millions of websites that rely on Google’s current page-ranking results. At the same time, they could give Google more ways to serve up advertisements.” Read more

Gnosis Arts Media Group Announces ‘Ask a PRofessor’

Gnosis Arts Media Group recently announced to they will “soon be launching Ask a PRofessor (TM), a real time Q & A service that will work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Ask A PRofessor utilizes IM, SMS and the Twitter API – along with the assistance of a real, live professor – provide answers to public relations questions, in real time, round the clock.” Read more

EasyAsk Provides an Answer Engine for Business

A new article takes a look at EasyAsk, a company purchased by Progress Software in 2005 that has fallen off the radar in recent years. According to the writer, “I learned a few months ago that EasyAsk is very much alive, and it is growing rapidly. The new owner is a successful software entrepreneur, Craig Bassin, who orchestrated the spin out of EasyAsk from Progress Software. When I met with Bassin, I asked him for a one-sentence description of the ‘new’ EasyAsk. He replied, ‘I’d describe it as follows: You ask EasyAsk questions the exact same way you’d ask it of your VP of sales or CFO.’” Read more

TrueKnowledge Gives You the ‘Answer Engine’

Search engines will find interesting competition in, an ‘answer engine’ that provides users with direct answers to direct questions. The semantically powered engine already has answers to trillions of questions in its knowledge stores and is continually adding to its knowledge base. Read more