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Cambridge Semantics Identified in Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle for Life Sciences 2014’ Report

Cambridge SemanticsBOSTON, Mass. (PRWEB) September 23, 2014 — Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of Smart Data solutions driven by Semantic Web technology, was named in the recent ‘Hype Cycle for Life Sciences 2014 ’ report by Gartner, Inc. The report details key insights pertaining to the benefits in the knowledge graphing category.

According to Gartner analysts Michael Shanler and Stephen Davies, “The use of these systems can help accelerate innovation activities, expose complex relationships with scientific stakeholders, and support collaboration and innovation strategies as they relate to drug discovery, translational medicine, competitive intelligence, and clinical research.” Read more

Cambridge Semantics Launches ‘Anzo Smart Data Integration’

Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI)

Extract,  Transform, and Load (ETL) and the business problem ETL solves — Data Integration — are complex to say the least. As the team at Cambridge Semantics points out:

Data integration and data on-boarding are time-consuming, manual, costly & error-prone processes.

  • Complex integrations require developing a large number of point-to-point source-target mappings.
  • Each mapping must be jointly developed by experts in all involved systems before being handed off to a team of ETL developers.
  • Each hand-off increases both the time it takes to complete the integration and also the risk of errors as requirements are misunderstood or not fully validated.
  • The lineage and meaning of data are often lost in the process, limiting the trustworthiness and utility of the data.


Cambridge Semantics today announced the launch of its Anzo Smart Data Integration (ASDI) software to help enterprises rapidly understand and integrate information assets. Described as a “design time tool for business analysts,” ASDI is “designed to reduce integration time frames and costs by 10X and enhance time-to-revenue when on-boarding new customers, partners and data,” according to the official announcement.

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Cambridge Semantics Named Finalist in SIIA Software CODiE Awards

Cambridge Semantics

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 17, 2014 — Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of Smart Data solutions, today announced the Anzo product suite has been named a finalist for two industry awards: the 2014 SIIA CODiE Software Award for Best Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution, and the Bio-IT World Best of Show Award.


Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo software is an open platform for building Smart Data solutions driven by semantic web technologies. It combines data from any source across the enterprise and the web – from Google News to Twitter to enterprise systems to Big Data systems – whether the information is located inside databases, spreadsheets, documents, and social media or as videos and images. This information is then presented graphically in dashboards and reports that link data together based on common ideas and relationships regardless of the source, providing easily recognizable meaning and context to make informed business decisions. Read more

Cambridge Semantics Integrates ChemAxon Search and Visualization Capabilities into Anzo Software

Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge, Mass. (PRWEB) February 18, 2014 — Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of Unified Information Access (UIA) solutions for enterprises, today announced it has partnered with ChemAxon to provide customers with advanced chemical search and visualization capabilities.


ChemAxon’s products and services focus on adding functionality and value to chemistry information and provides cheminformatics software platforms, applications and services to optimize the value of chemistry information in life science and other R&D. Based on semantic technology, Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo software addresses a variety of enterprise data management and end-user data consumption challenges in the pharma, financial and life science industries. Read more

Cambridge Semantics Partners with Basis Technology to Mine Valuable Business Data in Multiple Languages

Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) February 03, 2014–Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of Unified Information Access (UIA) solutions for enterprises, today announced it has incorporated the Rosette® platform from Basis Technology to provide its global customers with multilingual entity extraction in 16 languages, with more to come.


Rosette enables cross-lingual name matching and entity extraction — such as people, places and organizations — to provide a more robust framework for establishing the importance of content, and the relationship between disparate pieces of data. Read more

Pharma Becoming Ever-Bigger Fan of Semantic Technology

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At the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in New York City last week, attendees got to hear a lot about how semantic technology is influencing various sectors, such as government (see our stories here and here) and media (see this article and this one). Another prominent one on display: pharmaceuticals.

Pharma, for example, was the driving use case for the update to Callimachus that focuses on helping users deal with data that’s external to the framework for data-driven applications, David Wood, CTO of Callimachus project sponsor 3 Round Stones, told The Semantic Web Blog at the event. (To learn more about the update, see our story here.)

A session on Tuesday last week saw Lee Feigenbaum, vp of marketing at Cambridge Semantics, which makes the Anzo express and Anzo Enterprise solutions,  put forth a case for semantic tech as being key to data integration and interoperability in the sector, as well. “Can semantic web technologies break down enterprise data silos just as they break down document silos on the web?” he said. “The answer to the question is, “Of course.” Compared to the web, the data silo challenges of even the largest pharmaceuticals organization is relatively minor.”

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Cambridge Semantics Helps Users Take First Steps Into The Semantic Web

Cambridge Semantics has a new way for users to get access to its Anzo solutions: Next week at the Semantic Technology & Business Conference in San Francisco it will announce a packaging of the technology, dubbed the Anzo Express Starter Edition, that can be downloaded for free by anyone. “This lets anyone really easily start with semantics without having to invest a lot of time and without learning every fundamental detail,” says Rob Gonzalez, Director of Product Management & Marketing and a frequent contributor to this blog.

The full Anzo semantic suite is a complete enterprise data management solution with the ability to pull data in and out of relational databases for integration, to connect data within unstructured documents, and to provide analytics and enterprise security, for heavy-duty enterprise use. The Starter Edition is a trimmed-down version that’s more suitable for small groups, such as users in academia or others engaged in research,  that need a basic server and Excel integration for spreadsheet data sharing to get started.

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Cambridge Semantics Tackles Compliance Challenges — And Semantic Education Ones, Too

What does the compliance lifecycle look like at your company? In globally-operating industries such as finance, there’s likely a herd of people charged with monitoring rules and regulations across countries, drafting policies and procedures for individual geographies or business units, and working to ensure controls are in place to prevent and detect violations. And that herd of individuals in some respects may be trying to herd cats, given how often aspects of compliance regulations change.

The situation presents the ideal use case for semantic technology, says Cambridge Semantics’ co-founder and VP of Technology and Client Services Lee Feigenbaum: There’s data to consider from a wealth of sources, from internal documents and control databases describing what is necessary to enforce policy at different areas and levels of the business and what reports are needed to ascertain compliance, to regulatory information published on governing bodies’ web sites or RSS feeds; people are working cross-organizationally within the company and in conjunction with the regulatory organizations; and the rules regularly change. At yesterday’s Demystifying Financial Services Semantics conference in New York City, it demonstrated its just-released Compliance Information Management Solution Accelerator, based on its Anzo semantic technology, to deliver information integration across multiple data sources, as well as an editor workplace where compliance officers or others managing these tasks can contribute and track content changes and workflow, and then seamlessly bring together the compliance content applicable to particular business units or geographies.

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Cambridge Semantics Focuses On Operational Intelligence

Cambridge Semantics says it’s aiming at moving organizations from business intelligence to operational intelligence. “The data is real and you can bring in new data in minutes. And business users can create and change reports and ask ‘what if’ questions themselves,” explained EVP Steven Kludt at the SemTech conference. “We can be event based—if something changes in the data we can respond to that with rules around the data, like kick off a workflow. We can accommodate on the spot so that the business is constantly tuning things right away.” (Video after the jump)

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