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Five NLP APIs to Watch

Alchemy APIPatricio Robles of Programmable Web recently discussed how natural language processing or NLP technologies are simplifying data and customer interactions for many large businesses. He writes, “Fortunately, what is a technically complicated field of computing is now accessible to even the smallest of businesses thanks to the existence of companies that provide NLP as a service. This article explores and compares five of the leading NLP service providers that offer API integration. These service providers were selected based on the following criteria: A live NLP-focused API offering that gives users access to at least several common low-level NLP functions; Availability of public documentation and pricing information; Self-serve registration/subscription.” Read more

Sabre Launches New Developer Portal Improving Access to APIs, Semantic Searches


Ingrid Lunden of Tech Crunch reports, “A month into its new life as a public company, Sabre is unveiling some new services to raise its profile with developers in a bid to grow its business through third parties. Today the travel data company is launching a new portal, the Sabre Dev Studio, which gives access to some 150 APIs, testing tools, documentation, prototypes and sample code, as well as a new set of APIs focussed on e-commerce and semantic searches. The developer portal — with code mostly developed by Sabre itself, but with the portal built by Mashery — is a first for Sabre: The company says it will be the first time that it’s brought together a lot of these services into one accessible place.” Read more

InsideView Raises $19M for Platform that Aggregates Info Into CRM Systems

Alex Williams of TechCrunch reports, “InsideView has raised $19 million for its platform that aggregates information and then adds it into a customer’s CRM installation. The round was led by Split Rock Partners, with participation from the company’s existing investors, Emergence Capital, Foundation Capital, and Rembrandt Venture Partners. Overall, InsideView has raised a total of $46.4 million. The company aggregates 30,000 sources, such as Twitter, Facebook, Reuters, and SEC filings. It feeds this data through APIs into a company’s marketing or sales lead environment.” Read more

Daedalus Calls for Development of High-Level Semantic APIs

A recent release out of Daedalus, a Spanish data analysis company reports, “Business models based on APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in the cloud are an excellent choice for the commercialization of new software technologies. In the recent API Days Mediterranea held in Madrid, company Daedalus presented its experience in commercializing semantic APIs and how the customer insights gained in this process have led to the development of a new generation of semantic technologies in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode.” Read more

Why the API Economy is Booming

Alex Williams of TechCrunch reports, “What a two weeks it’s been. Something happened that has been simmering for a while. The API market exploded. Intel bought Mashery for more than $180 million and CA acquired Layer 73Scale received a new $4.2 million round of funding from Javelin VenturesMulesoft acquired Programmable Web. And then Facebook jumped in and bought Parse. The acquisitions and funding point to a maturing market that is reflected in the ubiquity of APIs across the application landscape. It’s not a new market by any means. Read more

Ora Lassila on Linked Data, APIs, and More

The W3C has shared a new interview by Ian Jacobs with Semantic Web expert Ora Lassila. When Jacobs asked about the relationship between the current proliferation of APIs and data integration, Orsilla commented, “I see the Open Web Platform and Linked Data together offering a solution. Good APIs are a step in the right direction. They give apps access to same functionality and data. But eventually things will become very complex because you have a large number of APIs that you need to take into account. The challenge in API-based integration is, what do you do about use cases you did not anticipate? In the longer term we must provide integration between silos. I want to have data that can move freely, that has been engineered to integrate easily with other data. Linked data standards are a very good candidate solution for achieving this. Other options may come along, but today linked data is the top contender.” Read more

Talis’s Kasabi Enters Public Beta

Kasabi, Talis’s linked data marketplace is now in public beta. Leigh Dodds, who will be presenting Kasabi at SemTech, wrote on the project blog, “This morning we’ve rolled out a new openly accessible version of the site which is at As a key milestone for the public beta, we’ve added the ability to create and publish your own datasets. Any registered user can now create and publish new datasets and APIs. Signing up to use an API on any dataset is a really simple click-through process.” Read more

Social Actions Gets Semantic

In a recent interview, Peter Deitz discusses some recent changes at Social Actions. According to Deitz, “I describe Social Actions as an aggregation of actions people can take on any issue that’s built to be highly distributable across the social web. We pull in donation opportunities, volunteer positions, petitions, event, and other actions from 60+ different sources. That’s today. A few years ago, we had just a handful of pioneering platforms in microphilanthropy.” Read more