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Introducing Winston: A News Reading App

Devindra Hardawar of Venture Beat reports, “Like one part Siri and one part morning news update, a new app called Winston could change the way you consume news online. Launching today on the iPhone for free, Winston reads aloud recent news and social media updates through a distinguished electronic English accent. The app summarizes news to highlight the juicy bits, and it also translates your Twitter and Facebook updates into easily absorbed nuggets (ignoring hashtags, abbreviations, and the usual social media mess).” Read more

Nuance Adds New Capabilities to Dragon Go Semantic Search

Nuance has upped their game, reports Kevin Fitchard of GigaOM. He writes, “Nuance Communications has been trying to recreate its incredibly useful  — but rather one-trick — Dragon Go semantic search app as a full-fledged mobile voice assistant on par with Siri and the new Google Now. It renamed it Dragon Go as Dragon Mobile Assistant in October and expanded its voice command capabilities beyond search into the application stack of the Android phone, where it could compose texts, make calls, set appointments and fetch directions. On Thursday, Nuance updated Mobile Assistant’s feature set. You can now play music by telling Dragon you want to listen to a particular artist or track in your song library. You can also open third-party apps with a voice command. Another small but highly useful enhancement is the ability to set an alarm with a simple spoken command.” Read more

Kickvox Launches iOS and Andriod Search Apps

Ken Yeung of The Next Web writes, “Kickvox, a company that dedicates itself to ‘reengineering’ mobile search, has launched its iOS and Android applications in an attempt to show smartphone users what it thinks mobile search should look and act like. Alan Nowogrodski, the company’s co-founder and CEO says that it’s a broken feature: ‘the search industry is conceivably the only industry that looks virtually the same as it did a decade ago, yet the platforms that we use to search the web have changed significantly.’ To that end, what Kickvox is offering is an app that has a ‘visually stunning’ interface that was created specifically for the mobile device. Through its development, the company says that results will be displayed faster allowing for easier browsing and better navigation.” Read more

News360 Reimagines Their iPhone App

News360 recently launched a “reimagined edition of its popular free newsreading app to iPhones everywhere. First unveiled for iPads and Android tablets in July, the new edition of News360 boasts a completely redesigned interface that’s as beautiful as it is smart, revamped personalization technology that learns from your every move online and in the app, and deeper customization options that empower you to make the newsreading experience your own. These overhauls have earned high marks from users, reviewers and publishers alike and have delivered on the promise of keeping you well-informed about the most important, personally relevant news of the day.” Read more

Xen Launches Semantic ‘Interest’ Engine

Xen has announced that the company is launching a new interest engine as well as a suite of products “including its online site ( and three apps (Interesting, Meedar and TalkTopic), to illustrate how fluidly your interest graph can travel with you.  Xen enables you to take control of your online persona and take it wherever you go online. Interests connect everybody and everything across the open web.  Today’s announcement is the first of a multi-part strategy to turn interests into a currency that engages people, developers, publishers and brands. By creating a standard for expressing interests and a platform to take ownership of them, the Xen interest exchange becomes a standard for personalization across applications, sites and social networks.” Read more

Trapit Launches New Semantic Platform

According to a new release from the company, “Trapit, the AI-powered, personalized discovery engine, today announced the early availability of the Trapit Platform. After successfully launching Trapit for iPad in July, Trapit is productizing the underlying technology and offering it to 3rd parties to build their own highly-personalized content discovery experiences and applications. The company also announced that they have closed their first platform partnership agreement with Astro, Malaysia’s leading consumer media entertainment group.” Read more

IBM Presents Augmented Reality

Chris Nerney of Data Informed has reported on a new “augmented reality” app coming out of IBM. He writes, “Imagine being able to point your smartphone’s video camera at a store shelf and instantly get personalized, detailed information about the products on your device’s display screen. In a few months, some shoppers no longer will have to imagine this marriage of the Internet, data analytics, mobile technology and the physical spaces of a shopping aisle. IBM researchers at the company’s lab in Haifa, Israel, are developing an “augmented reality” mobile shopping application that should be offered by some supermarket chains to customers before the end of the year.” Read more

Springpad Gets a New Look, Improved Semantic Search

Sarah Mitroff of VentureBeat reports that Springpad, a digital notebook service that we have covered before, has released the latest version of their service for the web, iOS, and Android. Mitroff writes, “The new version is a major overhaul of the service and includes some Pinterest-inspired design elements. We all tend to save a lot of digital information these days; it’s one of the reasons Pinterest has become so popular. But before Pinterest’s time, Evernote and Springpad were competing to be the best digital notebook to save snapshots of webpages, notes, to-do lists, and anything else you want to remember later. Springpad has become outdated in recent years, with an almost cartoony-like interface.” Read more

Zite Launches Publisher Sections Featuring CNN, HuffPo

Tom Cheredar of VentureBeat reports that Zite, a company that we have covered before, has added publisher sections to its digital magazine apps. Cheredar writes, ” Zite lets you build a custom digital magazine by pulling in shared links from bookmarking and social sites, such as Twitter, Google Reader, Delicious and Read It Later. It then builds a personalized selection of articles based on activity from your social profiles. Unlike most of its competitors, Zite learns your reading habits by giving you voting buttons for each piece of content. The idea is to give you more of what you actually want to see without having to disregard all the boring and/or uninteresting stuff.” Read more

True Knowledge Introduces Siri Competitor, Evi

A new article reports that Siri has found its first real competitor in Evi: “Evi, which went live on Monday evening, is not the creation of a Google or a Microsoft. It’s the brainchild of William Tunstall-Pedoe, a British start-up entrepreneur who until a few years back taught computer science at the country’s august Cambridge University. ‘Evi Lives!’, his start-up, True Knowledge, announced on its blog Monday evening, as the app first became available for download for iPhone and Android users. Within hours it had shot to being the top download in the lifestyle category of Apple’s App Store, crashing True Knowledge’s servers.” Read more