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OneSource Changes Name, Offers New Application for Big Data Search


Barry Levine of CMS Wire reports, “To help businesses find useful insights in growing amounts of big data, Massachusetts-based OneSource is reinventing search  – and changing its name to Avention to reflect its new direction. Jonathan Flatow, Avention’s CEO, told us the new name implies ‘avenue of invention’ — something he believes suits the new search application. Designed for sales, marketing and business researchers, it uses natural language and semantic understanding to conceptually sift through mounds of data sources. Phil McWade, Avention’s Manager of Product Development, told CMSWire, ‘We’re giving our customers what they really want.’ Marketing and sales professionals don’t want ‘a list of news articles’ about companies: They want to identify companies they can sell to.” Read more

Open Data Fellowship: OKF’s Panton Fellowship

The Open Knowledge Foundation is currently accepting submissions for the Panton Fellowship. According to the fellowship website, “The Panton Fellowships, funded by Open Society Foundations and coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, will be awarded to scientists who actively promote open data in science. We believe that ‘open data means better science’. Panton Fellows will explore and support this concept. They will endorse the Panton Principles for making scientific data open, and will promote the value of open data in all areas of science.” Read more

RPI Professor Uses a Wine Pairing App as a Teaching Tool

Professor Deborah McGuinness of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has tinkered for years with applications designed to help people pair the right wine with the right food. McGuinness has used her applications, which she has been toying with since the mid 80s, to help her classes understand the basics of web ontologies. Her latest app is “an exceptional example of what the future of the World Wide Web, often called Web 3.0, might in fact look like.” Read more