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Nova Spivack Weighs In On an Open Standard for Cards

9739012031_1fe744c999_nNova Spivack, CEO of Bottlenose, recently opined in TechCrunch, “Cards are fast becoming the hot new design paradigm for mobile apps, but their importance goes far beyond mobile. Cards are modular, bite-sized content containers designed for easy consumption and interaction on small screens, but they are also a new metaphor for user-interaction that is spreading across all manner of other apps and content. The concept of cards emerged from the stream — the short content notifications layer of the Internet — which has been evolving since the early days of RSS, Atom and social media.” Read more

Winners at NASA Space Apps Challenge Demonstrate Star Trek-Like Technology


Reno, NV (PRWEB) April 15, 2014 — Developers at the NASA Space Apps Challenge won the Plexi Natural Language Processing challenge by demonstrating an app that allows astronauts to use voice commands for mission-critical tasks by speaking to a wearable device. The International Space Apps Challenge is an international mass collaboration focused on space exploration that takes place over 48 hours in cities on six continents.


Next door at the Microsoft sponsored Reno Hackathon, a team of University of Nevada students claimed that event’s prize for best use of Natural Language Processing. This was the second Reno Hackathon, a competition between programmers to build a new product in a very short period of time, which was held on April 12-13, 2014 at the University of Nevada DeLaMare University Library. Read more

IBM Launches Watson Mobile Developer Challenge


Jennifer LeClaire of News Factor reports, “Big Blue wants business users and consumers to put the power of its Watson supercomputer in the palms of their hands. At Mobile World Congress, IBM launched the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge, a global competition to encourage developers to create mobile consumer and business apps powered by Watson. Using natural language processing and analytics, Watson processes information akin to how people think, representing a major shift in an organization’s ability to quickly analyze, understand and respond to big data. Watson’s ability to answer complex questions with speed, accuracy and confidence is transforming decision making across a variety of industries, including health care, financial services and retail.” Read more

Canada Looks to Developers to Push Open Data


Gillian Shaw of the Vancouver Sun reports, “Canada’s federal government has an abundance of data, and is asking Canadian software programmers and innovators to figure out how to best use it. In the first country wide open-data hackathon, dubbed CODE – Canadian Open Data Experience – Ottawa is calling on the nation’s computing and design talent to use the government’s open data to create apps that will help Canadians. ‘From air-and water-quality monitoring, to border waiting times, to information on permanent residency applications, crime statistics and vehicle recalls, Open Data has the potential to drive social, political, and economic change,’ Tony Clement, president of the Treasury Board of Canada, said in a letter to CODE participants.” Read more

AppCrawlr App Discovery Service Goes More Mobile

rsz_app4AppCrawlr, the semantic mobile app discovery and recommendation service, is adding Windows Phone apps to its iOS and Android app-finder solution. The service, which debuted earlier this year (see our story here), has at its heart the TipSense content discovery and knowledge extraction technology, which also lies behind the company’s DishTip food discovery service.

Microsoft has been trying to pick up some steam in the mobile phone market, acquiring Nokia’s phone business for $7.2 billion in September and this month announcing Update 3 of Windows Phone 8 that supports faster processors and larger screens. Its market share has grown, according to Gartner, to 3.3 percent worldwide, to put it in the #3 smartphone slot. Gartner also noted, though, that Microsoft has work to do to grow interest among app developers.

Microsoft recently calculated more than 100,000 apps in the Windows app store. Though that’s far less than what you can find in the iPhone App Store – which reportedly boasts something along the lines of 1,000,000 – it’s still nice to have some help to find what you really want among tens of thousands of apps. From every app detail page, users can search on a single platform or to find across Windows Phone, iOS, and Android operating systems.

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Sprylogics to Add Semantics to PCS Phones

Sprylogics has made a deal with PCS Wireless “to add value to the devices [PCS] distributes using Sprylogics technology and application. PCS provides strategic distribution of well over 3 million mobile products annually. Sprylogics and PCS Wireless intend to add value to those devices utilizing Sprylogics’ Liquid Messaging Application throughout North America across PCS’s Android device portfolio. Sprylogics has a Facebook integrated version of Liquid Messaging, allowing a user to chat, perform mobile searches and share results (including movies, restaurants, and local businesses) with their Facebook friends as well as other Liquid Messaging users over Sprylogic’s proprietary protocol.” Read more

First South African Open Data Hackathon Yields 3 Apps

Shaun Russell has written an article regarding the Open Knowledge Foundation’s first Open Data and Democracy Initiative hackathon in South Africa. Russell writes, “If knowledge is power then data are the individual watts; one by itself is aesthetically pleasing, but functionally useless. It’s only when we add all the watts together that we produce enough power to move forward. Constitutionally we own this power, but the trickle of information provided to the public is practically useless – and so the Open data and Democracy Initiative was born: Not to fight against government and the private sector, but to aid them in data liberation; something that has helped empower citizens in other African countries.” Read more

NLM Announces 5 Winners of First Software Development Challenge

The National Library of Medicine has announced five winners of their first software development challenge. According to the article, “The winning applications can help people learn about anatomy, help researchers find gene information in research literature, and help people sift through large amounts of scientific and medical information… The library’s software development challenge, Show off Your Apps: Innovative Uses of NLM Information, solicited applications that used the library’s data to develop innovative ways for people to obtain and share scientific and medical information.” Read more

NYC BigApps 3.0 Calls for Submissions

NYC BigApps 3.0 has issued a call for submissions: “NYC BigApps 3.0 offers $50,000 in cash and other prizes to software developers for the best new apps that utilize NYC Open Data to help NYC residents, visitors, and businesses. BigApps 3.0 continues New York City’s ongoing engagement with the software developer community to improve the City, building on the first two annual BigApps competitions through new data, prizes, and resources. Submissions can be any kind of software application — for the web, a personal computer, a mobile device, SMS, or any software platform broadly available to the public.” Read more

Help through Data: Raw Data from the England Riots Available for Developers

The Data Blog has released an array of data regarding the riots in London and around London in the hopes that socially aware developers will use the data to create helpful visualizations, mashups, apps, and the like. The article states, “The riots that started in London have spread across England, to Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Nottingham. [Tuesday] night incidents were reported from a variety of places such West Bromwich, Birkenhead, Salford and Gloucester. Fewer incidents were noted in the capital city as police deployed 16,000 officers onto the streets and many shops and offices closed early. It was a different story in the West Midlands which has now arrested 300 people since the beginning of the riots. The country has seemingly changed overnight. [Tuesday] it was announced that Parliament would be recalled and discussions about policing strategy continue. But what exactly has happened where?” Read more