Erik Nemeth of the Providence Journal recently opined that there is a current lack of taste and knowledge in the art world and suggested that the Semantic Web may be the right tool to help art collectors improve their decision making. He writes, “What the heck happened to cultural sensibilities last year? While collectors bid up record prices for artworks at auction–Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream’ went for $120 million in May–they were criticized for a lack of aesthetic judgment, especially at the premier U.S. fair, Art Basel Miami Beach. And cultural heritage took a turn for the worse as well. Cooperation on repatriation of antiquities was overshadowed by grim reports of wanton destruction of historic sites in Mali and Syria. With both contemporary and ancient art, the desire to collect and possess seemed to outstrip cultural appreciation. High-end collectors and cultural-heritage abusers alike would benefit from a boost in cultural intelligence, or ‘CQ,’ to grasp the interrelation of art, culture, economic development, and human rights.” Read more