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Translating Speech in Real Time at AT&T

Brian Steiner of Popular Mechanics reports, “AT&T Translator, a service on the company’s teleconference system that translates speech between languages in real time, is currently in pilot testing by some of the company’s biggest business customers. PopMech caught up with Mazin Gilbert, assistant vice president for technical research at AT&T Labs–Research, to learn about the challenges of teaching machines to understand human speech.”

Gilbert told Steiner, “Language is one of the largest barriers to communication globally. Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: AT&T

AT&T is looking for a Machine Learning & Big Data professional in Florham Park, NJ. According to the post, “The position is in a group within our Research organization, in the Greater NY City Metro area, that enhances, extends, and productizes a range of research technologies through the innovative application of software engineering. The successful candidate will work closely with our experts in machine learning, statistics, and distributed computing to identify and experiment with useful algorithms, extend them for application to high-value use cases, enhance them to take advantage of large scale distributed computing platforms (e.g. hadoop), and create APIs and toolkits that open them to use by a large community of analysts. Read more

SemTech 2010 Hosts Web Day 3.0 at the Annual Semantic Technology Conference, Thursday, June 24th – Limited Seating Still Available

David Recordon, Senior Open Programs Manager of Facebook and best-selling Author, David Siegel will keynote the conference.

San Francisco, CA (June 24, 2010) — SemTech 2010 is currently taking place at the San Francisco Hilton in Union Square. Web Day 3.0 will be held Thursday, June 24, and will include a number of informative presentations by industry experts. Attendees can expect to see demos of leading semantic search engines and products, hear experts discuss the technology and its impact in the industry, meet the world’s leading developers of Web 3.0, and understand how Web 3.0 technologies are changing web development.

Presented by co-chairs Tony Shaw and Dave McComb, this year’s program is the most extensive to date. Over 1,200 attendees are expected, including industry experts, researchers, analysts, content providers, developers, and technology enthusiasts.

"Interest in semantic technology is on the rise," Shaw said. "Early numbers indicate a 30% increase in conference attendance. The world wants to understand where the Web is going and semantics play an imperative role in that."

Highlights of Web Day 3.0 will include:

• Keynote by David Siegel, author of Power of Pull, Pull: The Business Shift Behind the Web
• Keynote by David Recordon of Facebook on their new Open Graph protocol
• Real-Time SemanticWeb with Twitter Annotations, Joshua Shinaview of RPI – Tetherless World Constellation and Jans Aasman of Franz
• Building Web 3.0 Web Sites, Mark Windholtz of AgileDNA, John Walker of Semantic Clarity, and Mark Birbeck of Backplane, Ltd.
• Applying Semantic Extensions and New Service to Drupal, Daniel Hladky of Ontos AG
• Comprehensive Validation: Pragmatically Joing the “Web of Data”, the Easy Supported Way, Giovanni Tummarello of Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)
• Drupal and the Semantic Web: from RDF to, Jeff Walpole of Phase2 Technology
• Semantic Web Tools for Video and Social Change, Hannah Eaves of
• Google Rich Snippets, Kavi Goel and Pravir Gupta of Google
• The Personal Data Locker, David Boardman of Atigeo, David Siegel author of The Power of Pull, Von Wright of AT&T, Drummond Reed of International Card Foundation & Open Identity Exchange, Chris Messina of Google, and Kaliya Hamlin of Identity Commons
• Search Day – featuring a dozen search sessions
• PitchSlam – Startups pitch their ideas to VCs and analysts
• Mergers and Acquisitions panel with VCs, acquirers, and acquired companies
• Exhibits open all day

SemTech represents a full spectrum of business, government, and consumer activity taking place within the field of semantic technology and brings together the most practical and advanced solutions in the industry.

To register for the conference and to see a full schedule, visit To register for press credentials, visit

About SemTech
SemTech is the world's largest conference on semantic technologies. It is the only event focused on the commercialization of semantic technologies, bringing the most recognized names, knowledge, leadership, and innovation in the semantic community together at one location. SemTech is owned and operated by Semantic Universe–the semantic community’s trusted information resource. For more information please visit, email, or call (310) 337-2616.

SemTech 2009 – List of Attending Organziations

The official attendance count for SemTech 2009 was 1170 individuals, from the following organizations (note many organizations were represented by multiple attendees).

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Implementing Commercial Applications With Semantic Search

Executive Summary

A common challenge facing today’s enterprise, its employees, and customers, is the ability to easily and effectively access corporate data and product/services-related information.  To obtain the accurate and specific information needed from a vast corporate network is a daunting task, especially as data grows more complex and the workforce becomes increasingly mobile.  What if we had pervasive access to it all– enabling us to make timely business decisions while continuing on with our busy days?

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