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Take Sentiment Analytics And Make It Better, Better, Better, Better, Better, Oh

hjThere’s room for improvement in sentiment and text analytics technology: Greater reliability, more accessibility, and increased businesss actionability should be on the agenda.

“There are still tools that are crashing in the middle of a brand crisis or there’s not adequate support or there’s no integration with other tools that need the data,” Chris Boudreaux, global lead, social media and text analytics at Accenture, told an audience gathered at last week’s Sentiment Analysis Symposium. “The industry has to grow up and be more accountable in delivering tools and services.”

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When Does Customer Sentiment Matter?

Photo Courtesy: Flickr/katerha

Among the topics covered at this week’s Sentiment Analysis’ Symposium was an exploration of just how much the negative or positive expression of sentiment about a company or a product really matters – and in what context it does. (Another one, which The Semantic Web Blog covered yesterday here, looked at the expected transition from sentiment to emotions analytics.)

Augie Ray, director of social media at Prudential Financial, and formerly a social media leader at USAA and Forrester, recounted some of the bigger blow-ups online in recent years: The passenger whose guitar was broken by United Airlines and made a Youtube video that went viral; NBC’s 2012 London Olympics coverage that was criticized for dissing a tribute to the victims of terrorist bombings, among other things; and Bank of America’s being castigated for its announced plan to institute debit card fees.

“We live and die by the concept that negative sentiment matters,” he said.

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