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Cambridge Semantics Partners with Basis Technology to Mine Valuable Business Data in Multiple Languages

Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) February 03, 2014–Cambridge Semantics, the leading provider of Unified Information Access (UIA) solutions for enterprises, today announced it has incorporated the Rosette® platform from Basis Technology to provide its global customers with multilingual entity extraction in 16 languages, with more to come.


Rosette enables cross-lingual name matching and entity extraction — such as people, places and organizations — to provide a more robust framework for establishing the importance of content, and the relationship between disparate pieces of data. Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Basis Technology

Basis Technology is looking for a Natural Language Processing Architect in Cambridge, MA. The post states, “Are you a hands-on natural language processing expert who is ready to play a leading role in the design, development and deployment of cutting edge natural language processing products? If so, Basis Technology would like to talk with you about our current opening for an NLP Architect in Cambridge, MA. If you thrive on leading teams providing advanced text analysis for mission critical systems, then we should talk.” Read more

New Report May Help You Pick Your Text Analytics Vendor

A new report from Hurwitz & Associates seeks to put text analytics vendors in context. In an environment where unstructured text accounts for 80 percent of the data available to companies, the market analyst and research firm has prepared a Victory Index to help companies suss out who can best help them get value from this information.

By providing the ability to analyze unstructured text, extract relevant information, and transform it into structured information, “text analytics has become a key component of a highly competitive company’s analytics arsenal,” write report authors Fern Halper, partner and principal analyst; Marcia Kaufman, COO and principal analyst; and Daniel Kirsh, senior analyst. Often, the research firm notes, companies begin to experiment with text analytics to gain insight into the unstructured text that abounds in social media, and from that move on to other use cases. For instance, they’ll discover value in mining unstructured data and using it with structured data to improve predictive models.

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Semantic Web Jobs: Basis Technology

Basis Technology is searching for a Software Architect in Cambridge, MA. The company is looking for someone “to lead a team through the exciting process of building a world-class text analytics solutions platform that combines scalable processing and flexible UI. Successful candidates will have a strong affinity for Java-based solutions and a proven track record of Agile technical leadership in designing and implementing complex systems of many components that scale across systems and clusters.” Read more