The recent International Semantic Web Conference produced a number of excellent sessions, including a very popular Big Graph Data Panel, captured on video by the folks at VideoLectures. The panel was moderated by Frank van Harmelen (Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences, VU University Amsterdam), with panelists Tim Berners-Lee (W3C), John Giannandrea (Google), Mike Stonebraker (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT), and Bryan Thompson (SYSTAP).

According to the description of the video, “The Semantic Web / Linked Data has grown immensely over the past years. When the Semantic Web community started working over a decade ago the main question was where to get the data from. By now the question of how to process ever increasing amount of semantic/linked data has come to people’s utmost attention. The goal of this panel is to shed light on the various approaches/options for Big Graph Data processing.” Read more