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Blackberry 10 Debuts, Smart Touch-Screen Keyboard Is Onboard, As Is New Employee Alicia Keys

Blackberry president and CEO Thorsten Heins with new global creative director Alicia Keys.

The new and long-awaited Blackberry 10 line from Research In Motion (RIM) makes its debut today. The company that once defined the smart phone market has a lot riding on it, and it remains to be seen if the new models debuting today will revive its fortunes. It’s already revived its name: Thorsten Heins, President and CEO, revealed at the launch today that “from this day forward, RIM becomes Blackberry.”

The two models that kick off its re-engineered approach to mobile computing are the Blackberry Q10 with a hybrid touch-screen/keyboard and the Z10 with a full touch-screen and onscreen keyboard, powered by the Blackberry 10 platform. Of the Q10, Heins said, “We built this for all those people who told us, ‘we just have to have a physical keyboard typing experience’.” Given Blackberry users’ well-known attachment to traditional keyboards, getting the onscreen keyboard right is going to be a big concern for tried-and-true Blackberry users.

As on the Blackberry Playbook before it, SwiftKey – the best-selling Android app of 2012— is reportedly behind the virtual keyboard technology on the new models. Though that vendor wasn’t named in the launch presentation during the demo of the touch-screen keyboard capabilities, the features Blackberry demonstrated pointed to the company’s leveraging the cross-platform SwiftKey software development kit for at least some of the new devices’ capabilities.

And what’s behind SwiftKey is natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning technology to speed up touch-screen typing.

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Kontera Recognizes Advertisers with Kontera Interest Awards

Kontera recently announced a new award, the Kontera Creative Interest Award. Kontera plans to award the honor quarterly to recognize advertisers “for the most innovative use of context, campaign creative or campaign strategy to identify and meet consumer interests to deliver campaign results. Starcom Mediavest Group and Blackberry are the inaugural winners of the Creative Interest Award, for exceptional creative execution of Blackberry’s context-driven campaigns.” Read more

Introducing Wikitude

A recent article talks about a young company in the realm of augmented reality: Wikitude, a company that is “leading the charge on today’s Augmented Reality front. Wikitude has seen a number of accolades over its short three year history, including today’s announcement of their pre-installation on every future BlackBerry device.” CEO Martin Herdina describes augmented reality as “an enrichment of reality, via additional information and virtual content, making it much more than just some text overlaid on top of an image. It could be text, but we’re seeing more and more video and animation enrichment, including 3D object overlays.” Read more

News360 Launches App for BlackBerry PlayBook

News360 recently launched a new native app for BlackBerry PlayBook: “The app is built on a deep semantic analysis and natural language processing that was developed for use by Russian corporations and government agencies for reputation management over the past 7 years. Last year, the team created an English language version, and has since been working on a consumer application of the technology, which became News360.” Read more

Orchestr8 Adding Some Magic To Sentiment Analysis and Managing Semantic Output

One of the issues organizations confront when they take to semantically processing data is how to handle all the results of that work. The output of extracting entities, tagging concepts, classifying page topics and parsing sentiment makes its way to a data store that can get pretty big, making for intense storage and analytics demands.

Orchestr8’s NLP- and machine learning-based AlchemyAPI service, which just last week added sentiment analysis to its retinue, gives content providers, social media monitoring companies, and contextual advertising sectors the tools for all of the above that leads to those big data stores, and now it has in beta a solution for dealing with the demands that creates, too. Its Alchemy SAS (Semantic Analysis System) – a name that is subject to change, by the way – processes content, takes what is generated thanks to the functionality within the AlchemyAPI, and stores and organizes the content analysis and meta-data results into a cloud data store for customers to query and discover patterns in.

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