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PureDiscovery Raises $10M to Make Search More Like a Brain

Derrick Harris of GigaOM reports that PureDiscovery, a company we have covered in the past, has raised $10 million in Series C funding to reinvent enterprise search. Harris writes, “Rather than indexing documents and letting users perform keyword searches, PureDiscovery is focused on semantic technology and learning the concepts contained within a company’s content. We first covered PureDiscovery in early 2012, when the company was just beginning its push out of the legal field where it has already made a name for itself. The company’s software has proven effective in e-discovery, where it’s used to learn what’s contained within thousands of pages of documents turned over during litigation. PureDiscovery also powers patent search for LexisNexis, where it has analyzed hundreds of millions of patent documents and journal articles to surface the most-relevant content regardless of keyword relevancy.” Read more

PureDiscovery Revamps Enterprise Search with BrainSpace

Derrick Harris reports that PureDiscovery, a Big Data startup that we have covered before, thinks that it “has the answer to outdated enterprise search technology, and it’s called BrainSpace. The company claims BrainSpace can learn just about everything about how pieces of content are related to one another. That means users will become less dependent on searching for information because the platform will feed them what they want to know as they interact with other content.” Read more