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Semantic Web Jobs: Harvard University

harvardHarvard is looking for a Project Programmer in Cambridge, MA. According to the post, “Reporting to the Director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology on a 3-year, NSF-funded project, Kurator, this position will work with the system architect, project leader and other developers, coding to produce scientific data workflow software. This position will develop and extend data quality control actors, implement them in a workflow system, and design and code web service layers.”

Qualifications for the position include: “Familiarity with biology, especially zoology or botany, would be an asset. Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Harvard

harvardHarvard Business School is looking for a Search Enrichment Architect in Cambridge, MA. According to the post, “We are looking for a ‘search artist’ — an innovator, strong communicator, and rock-solid technical lead with a record of working with developers as well as domain-experts to provide a world-class search service for HBS. We are planning to overhaul the Search landscape of HBS to become an integrated, personalized, semantically-based experience. We are looking for a strong technical lead to provide the vision, guide the direction, and influence the implementation of the features and functionality needed to bring HBS into the next generation Search experience. This is not a typical software engineer/developer position! It requires a passion for search and the search user experience, a desire to explore new and unique approaches to challenging problems, and a commitment to constant learning and growing in the search and semantic information space.” Read more

Symplectic Takes Another Step In Helping Universities Engage In Research Collaboration And Discovery

sympintThis summer, Symplectic Limited become the first DuraSpace Registered Service Provider (RSP) for the VIVO Project, an open-source, open-ontology, open-process platform for hosting semantically structured information about the interests, activities and accomplishments of scientists and scholars. (See our coverage here.) “Universities want to capture all that their researchers do, collaborate and reuse the data the research brings out,” says Sabih Ali, head of brand at Symplectic. “A lot of them are looking to be a part of something like VIVO and join the whole semantic web technology movement, but they don’t have the capacity to do it themselves.”

Symplectic brings that to the table with its role as a services provider and the expertise in data quality, organization and transfer that it has thanks to being a developer of Elements, software that captures, collects and showcases institutional research, and which is used by many leading universities including Cambridge and Oxford. It also offers an open-source VIVO harvester for clients allows the ingestion of information into VIVO profiles using the rich data that Elements captures.

More recently, Symplectic has taken on the role of authorized services provider for Profiles Research Networking Software, as well. Profiles RNS is an NIH-funded open source tool to speed the process of finding researchers with specific areas of expertise for collaboration and professional networking. It’s based on the VIVO 1.4 ontology, with support for RDF, SPARQL, and Linked Open Data.

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Semantic Technology Jobs: MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is looking for a Computational Linguist in Cambridge, MA. According to the post, “The Human Language Technology Group is engaged in a wide range of information processing projects focusing on speech and language processing, text processing, and biometrics… The selected candidate will be the lead developer of acoustic and language models for ASR-systems in multiple languages. Selectees will be building models using MIT/LL’s existing ASR engines and will be adding NLP and text pre/post-processing modules to improve keyword search and language model performance.” Read more

Queen’s Award for Cambridge Text Analytics Software Company Linguamatics

Linguamatics Queens Award Emblem

CAMBRIDGE, England and BOSTON, April 22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – Linguamatics is today celebrating being named as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise – the UK’s highest accolade for business success.


Linguamatics receives the award for International Trade in recognition of outstanding growth in export sales across USA and Europe for its natural language processing (NLP)-based text analytics software platform. Over the past five years Linguamatics achieved growth in excess of 300 percent in overseas sales and staff growth of almost 200 percent. Read more

Semantic Technology Jobs: MIT


MIT is looking for a Research Software Engineer, NLP in Cambridge, MA. The post states, “The lab will develop technologies and methods to enable new modes of social engagement in news, politics, and government.  Will help the lab build a high performance data pipeline designed to ingest and analyze large-scale streams of heterogeneous media data. Responsibilities include creating language models from petabytes of text data using Hadoop, working closely with researchers to implement algorithms that power research experiments, and measuring and continually optimizing performance of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) algorithms.  Will report to Professor Deb Roy.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Harvard University


Harvard is looking for a Semantic Information Infrastructure Technical Lead in Cambridge, MA. According to the post, “The Knowledge and Library Services (KLS) group at Harvard Business School (HBS) is looking for a highly motivated and experienced technology architect who is devoted to continuous self-development and learning to join our team as a key player in the creation of the information infrastructures, databases, data structures and models necessary to deliver 21st century information services to HBS and beyond.   Specifically, this person will work in a team-based environment to lead the creation, development and maintenance of a rich semantic entity-based information layer that will facilitate the use and discovery of HBS priority content in research, teaching and learning at HBS and will enable data integration and data alignment / coordination among siloed data sources at HBS.” Read more

NASA Turns to Charles River Analytics to Detect Volcanic Eruptions, Storms


Sara Castellanos of Biz Journals reports, “Charles River Analytics on Thursday announced a contract to develop technology for NASA that detects volcanic eruptions, storms and algae blooms from satellite imagery. The Cambridge, Mass.-based firm develops computational intelligence technology, which is used to interpret data for the purpose of improving decision-making in real-time. The NASA contract is for a system called DIPSARS, or the Discover of Interesting Patterns and Semantic Analysis in Remote Space. The contract is valued at $125,000.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: W3C


The World Wide Web Consortium is looking for a Research Scientist in Cambridge, MA. According to the post, “Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)-World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (part-time, 50%), to bring social and identity technologies on the Web to their full potential.  Will conduct cutting-edge research on social and identity technologies and apply that research to the construction of new standards; provide leadership and management to implement these technologies into Web standards; collaborate across disciplines with other researchers at MIT, outside universities, and across industries to build the expert groups required to build and implement technological standards; and perform other duties as needed.” Read more

Semantic Web Jobs: Novartis


Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research is looking for a Knowledge Engineer in Cambridge, MA. The post states, “The Knowledge Engineer – Automated curation expert is responsible for the development and application of knowledge engineering solutions to automate the curation and quality improvement of biomedical data. Specific emphasis of the role includes working with scientists, software and database developers to implement world class informatics solutions that automate data curation and data quality improvement that positively impact drug discovery.” Read more