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Text Analytics Can Cut A Broad Swath in Capital Markets

tgroupWhat’s next for the capital markets arena when it comes to unstructured content? According to research and consulting firm TABB Group, which specializes in the stock, bond and money markets, it’s time to turn text analytics to internally generated and disseminated unstructured data, which holds a high value for customized intelligence.

In new research,  “Inner Voices: Harvesting Text Analytics from Proprietary Data,” research analyst Valerie Bogard and senior analyst Paul Rowady discuss that there are more use cases than initially undertaken for text analytics tools. “Although ultra-low latency trading strategies were an early use case in this space, text analytics is no longer limited to just that,” Bogard said in an email to The Semantic Web Blog. “The use of machine readable news has been widely adopted and all major market data providers incorporate market moving news content into their feeds.”

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Semantic Technology in Capital Markets

Abhishek Bhattacharya and Pravin Lal have written an interesting article for Information Week India regarding the influence of developing technologies on capital markets. They write, “Technology plays a significant role in the capital and commodity market, in fact trading firms are the first ones to leverage any cutting-edge technology that can help to get the pulse of the markets faster, help them execute trades faster, or measure their risks faster. In the last two decades we have seen several innovations in the industry in terms of new financial products and new ways of doing business, all of which require substantial application of very advanced technologies.” Read more

Money Makes The Semantic Web And Big Data Go Round

Good news on the money front: Two companies in the semantic web and big data sets space have come into some additional funding. Translating some of that manna into new product and service innovations hopefully will pay off for customers.

Last week Acquia – co-founded by Drupal creator Dries Buytaert – closed $8.5 million in Series C funding, bringing its total with the previous series’ funding to $23.5 million. In making the announcement, Buytaert disclosed that Drupal Gardens, its hosted service that shares with Drupal 7 the ability to output structured data through RDFa, had mushroomed to 25,000 sites, and that “much of the capital” it raised in its Series C funding will go to efforts including growing its engineering team and increasing investments in products including Drupal Gardens and Drupal Commons.

Money Business For Monkey Business

Today, Infochimps is talking up its Series A financing round, to the tune of $1.6 million, from DFJ Mercury and some locally based angel investors. And recently minted CEO Nick Ducoff says plans are to target that capital at expanding its self-proclaimed mission to democratize the world’s access to data – or, as he says the company’s new mantra goes, “make lists, spreadsheets and data sets easy to find and monkey around with.”

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Wave Hits Financial Services Part 2: Disruptive innovation

Markets_2.26.jpgIn the last post we looked at the 3 main sources of cash flow in the financial services industry:

1. Fees for loaning money to consumers & small biz

2. Fees for connecting providers and consumers of capital for large companies.

3. Fees for managing individual’s (aka “consumer’s”) money.

In this post we will look at some of the modes and ventures that are attacking these markets.

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