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Many More Developers Needed for IoT

Photo of young person learning computing.Matt Asay of ReadWrite reported, “It’s standard to size a market by the number of widgets sold, but in the Internet of Things, which numbers sensors and devices in the billions, widget counts don’t really matter. In part this is because the real money in IoT is not in the ‘things,’ but rather in the Internet-enabled services that stitch them together. More to the point, it’s because the size of the IoT market fundamentally depends on the number of developers creating value in it. While today there are just 300,000 developers contributing to the IoT, a new report from VisionMobile projects a whopping 4.5 million developers by 2020, reflecting a 57% compound annual growth rate and a massive market opportunity.”

The author continued with, “In the last 30 years we’ve created a fair amount of data, but it pales compared to what we’ve generated just in the last two years. Ninety percent of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone, much of it by machines. Such machine-produced data dwarfs human-generated data. In such an IoT world, devices are not the problem. According to Gartner, we’ll have 26 billion of them by 2020. Connecting them isn’t, either. As VisionMobile’s report makes clear, however, ‘making sense of data’ is the real challenge. It’s also the big opportunity…”


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Introducing the New Semantic Web Job Board has been pointing out job openings in the semantic technology field that we thought would be of interest to our readers for some time. Now we have taken our career resources to the next level by launching The job board features prominent opportunities in the Semantic Technology space.

Eric Franzon, VP Community said, “With daily news about the organizations building and employing Semantic Technology solutions, thought leadership pieces by community leaders, and our strong community of developers, we reach tens of thousands of Semantic Technology professionals every month. A job board was a natural addition to our offerings. has simply become the best place for businesses to find the top talent with semantic technology skills.”

Job seekers are encouraged to visit the board today – there are jobs listed now that need to be filled. If you have a job to post, or know of someone who is looking for Semantic Technology talent, please point them to Job listings carry a satisfaction guarantee as well. We will refund the money of any job poster who is not completely satisfied.

On a related note, the Semantic Technology and Business Conference in San Francisco is offering a “Career Corner” for the second consecutive year. Register for SemTechBiz here (Price breaks expire Tuesday, May 15).

2011 SemTech Conference to Launch “Career Corner”

Semantic Technology ConferenceThe 2011 Semantic Technology Conference (“SemTech”) will offer a new resource to connect job candidates and employers positions in the rapidly expanding field of Semantic Web and Linked Data. The “SemTech Career Corner” will serve as a dedicated meeting place for these organizations and individuals.

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