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The Value of Linked Data

A recent article by Michael Hausenblas discusses “why we link.” The article begins, “The incentives to put structured data on the Web seem to slowly seep in, but why does it make sense to link your data to other data? Why to invest time and resources to offer 5 star data? Even though the interlinking itself becomes more of a commodity these days – for example, the 24/7 platform we’re deploying in LATC is an interlinking cloud offering – the motivation for dataset publisher to set links to other datasets is, in my experience, not obvious.” Read more

Intelligent Healthcare Part 3 – Understanding Electronic Health Records

Much if not all of the discussion over the past two years in regards to Healthcare Modernization has revolved around the deployment of Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. Monies were budgeted to EHR adoption in last year’s Stimulus package and more monies will be allocated towards EHR adoption as a result of the recent Healthcare Reform package. So what does this all mean in regards to Intelligent Healthcare and the application of Semantic technology? First we’ll need to take a closer look at EHRs.

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FedBizOpps search on “Semantic” = 1

I took a look at Nova Spivak’s Twine demo this week. One of those ouch! moments when you realize that the thing you’ve been trying to build on and off for a couple years just got done better, slicker and faster. I’ve still got a few things I’d do differently – I’d focus more on annotating each URL and using that as a concept address for notes, and provide a simple way for webmasters to get a feed of all the comments users make about their pages. But the basic idea of a bookmarklet that lets you add URL’s as you surf and organize them for yourself and others as you go – that is all in there.

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