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Versium Leverages Microsoft Azure Machine Learning For New Predictive GivingScore Solution To Improve Fundraising

versiumpixVersium, which earlier this year launched its Predictive FraudScore solution (covered here) today releases its Predictive GivingScore solution, designed to help charitable institutions and political organizations better predict who is likely to donate, be a repeat donator, or make the more significant contribution. PredictiveGiving Score is the latest of the company’s predictive Score products, which also include churn, social influencer and shopper scoring – and it’s by no means the last.

It was built with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, a managed cloud service for building predictive analytics solutions publicly unveiled just a short time ago. CEO Chris Matty says that platform is an aid to Versium in rapidly building its new score solutions. (Just shy of ten Versium scoring products are currently in use or in development.) Azure ML, Matty notes, contains dozens of machine learning algorithms and mathematical computation models it leverages to easily and effectively experiment, create and tune models to get the highest accuracy in predictive scoring solutions.

“Once we have a score built it just takes little tuning. But when we are building a new score we need to look at some different models and see what works better,” he says. “We want to move quickly by evaluating the different models, and we can visualize very easily the process of building the predictive model.”

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Sentiment Analytics Matters To Non-Profits, Too

For-profit businesses clearly are tuned into the social media-sentiment analysis trend, to stay abreast of how their brand, services or products are perceived. But are non-profits equally as concerned? The answer seems to be yes, and not just when it comes to social media but across all paths of constituent engagement.

At this week’s Sentiment Analysis symposium in New York City, Banafsheh Ghassemi, the American Red Cross vice president of marketing, e-CRM, and customer experience, pointed out some reasons why. “It’s a brave new world for those of us in the non-profit world,” she said. While charitable organizations don’t like to use the word competition, because they’re all working for the greater good, the number of non-profits angling for contributors’ dollars, time, or other resources, has grown by 60 percent in recent times. And there are even for-profit organizations doing some of the same things the Red Cross itself does, such as blood collection. “We still have to attract your attention for your dollar, time, and even the physical part of you that is blood,” she says.

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Give A Little Bit

In addition to getting the best retail deals for friends and family on Black Friday or this very Cyber-Monday, the holiday season also is a good time to think about helping others.

Semantic technology is playing a part in that too – both from the standpoint of consumers who want to reach out and the organizations that want to be reached out to.

DailyFeats, a social platform for positive actions that incorporates detailed semantic understanding about such efforts in order to categorize them and recommend to users related actions (see here), is building up more partnerships for supporting good causes. It’s recently added opportunities for users to redeem the points they earn on the service for partner donations to 501©3 non-profits. For 50 points, Cigna, for example, will make a $1 donation to P2V, which matches military veterans with shelter pets to help them heal from psychological wounds.

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