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Introducing The DBpedia Association


Sebastian Hellman recently announced the formation of The DBpedia Association. According to the group’s charter, the Association was founded “with the goal to support DBpedia and the DBpedia Contributors Community.” The DBpedia Association is located in Leipzig, Germany, and the group’s full charter can be read here.


The goals of the new Association are outlined as follows: “Coordinate the development efforts in the DBpedia community and language chapters. Support the maintenance of DBpedia resources with own staff and resources. Serve as a contact point and establish co-operations with other like-minded projects and organizations. Acquire and manage funds for the DBpedia Community. Support and manage the organisation of DBpedia Community meetings. Provide education and training on DBpedia. Uphold a free, public data infrastructure to exploit this wealth of data for the general public. Mediate commercial services of associated partners.” Read more

Global Linked Data Working Group Working Toward Interoperable Government

Phil Archer recently commented on the work of the Global Linked Data Working Group: “Its charter is divided in two parts. First it is defining a set of Best Practices in this area — guidelines designed to make it easier for the public sector to make more of its data available as 5 star linked data. The document is evolving and, like most W3C standards, the editor’s draft is publicly visible. Secondly, the GLD WG is chartered to standardize or, where necessary, create vocabularies that help to increase interoperability of data sets. The choice of vocabulary terms can make all the difference between data sets being interoperable and impenetrable. If you are describing a creative work the chances are you’ll use Dublin Core’s terms for things like title and creator. But where are the equivalent stable vocabularies for public sector data?” Read more