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Does AI System Eugene Goostman Pass the Turing Test?


Dante D’Orazio of The Verge reports, “Eugene Goostman seems like a typical 13-year-old Ukrainian boy — at least, that’s what a third of judges at a Turing Test competition this Saturday thought. Goostman says that he likes hamburgers and candy and that his father is a gynecologist, but it’s all a lie. This boy is a program created by computer engineers led by Russian Vladimir Veselov and Ukrainian Eugene Demchenko. That a third of judges were convinced that Goostman was a human is significant — at least 30 percent of judges must be swayed for a computer to pass the famous Turing Test. The test, created by legendary computer scientist Alan Turing in 1950, was designed to answer the question ‘Can machines think?’ and is a well-known staple of artificial intelligence studies.” Read more

Help In Figuring Out What’s The Right Sentiment Analysis Solution For You

rsz_semantapipixYou know the way Progressive provides car insurance quotes for its own packages as well as other insurers rates? Well, there’s something like that available now for businesses looking to secure the right sentiment analysis tool for themselves.

SemantAPI promises a trio of tools as part of an open-source toolkit to compare natural language processing and sentiment analysis solutions. The new web site actually hails from sentiment analytics vendor Semantria, which delivers a cloud-based sentiment and text analytics service (see our story here).

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Introducing Chatterbox: Social Intelligence Through NLP, Machine Learning

Eileen Brown of ZDnet recently covered Chatterbox, a social intelligence startup that uses natural language processing across eight European languages as well as Mandarin and soon Arabic. She reports, “It searches and crunches through social data to get more business relevance in real time. Chatterbox is an enterprise solution that uses machine learning to provide deep relevant social intelligence to sales, service and marketing teams in large companies. Machine learning and natural language processing is built into the solution. Its sentiment analysis is built to directly target social data sets.” Read more