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Stardog 2.1 Hits Scalability Breakthrough

Stardog LogoWashington, DC – January 21, 2014 – The new release (2.1) of Stardog, a leading RDF database, hits new scalability heights with a 50-fold increase over previous versions. Using commodity server hardware at the $10,000 price point, Stardog can manage, query, search, and reason over datasets as large as 50B RDF triples.

The new scalability increases put Stardog into contention for the largest semantic technology, linked data, and other graph data enterprise projects. Stardog’s unique feature set, including reasoning and integrity constraint validation, at large scale means it will increasingly serve as the basis for complex software projects.

“We’re really happy about the new scalability of Stardog,” says Mike Grove, Clark & Parsia’s Chief Software Architect, “which makes us competitive with a handful of top graph database systems. And our feature set is unmatched by any of them.”

The new scalability work required software engineering to remove garbage collection pauses during query evaluation, which the 2.1 release also accomplishes. Along with a new hot backup capability, Stardog is more mature and production-capable than ever before.

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Clark&Parsia Announces Integration between Stardog and Spring

For all of you Java developers out there, Clark&Parsia has released an initial integration between Stardog and Spring. The Stardog website states, “Spring is a platform to build and run enterprise applications in Java. Stardog’s Spring support makes life easier for enterprise developers who need to work with Semantic Web technology—including RDF, SPARQL, and OWL—by way of Stardog. The Spring for Stardog source code is available on Github. A more feature-full version of will be available in Stardog Enterprise Edition.” Read more