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Gartner Uncovers Who’s Cool In The Supply Chain

Photo courtesy: Flickr/a loves dc

Photo courtesy: Flickr/a loves dc

Gartner recently released its report dubbed, “Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Services,” which gives kudos to providers that use cloud computing as an enabler or delivery mechanism for capabilities that help enterprises to better manage their supply chains.

On that list of vendors building cloud solutions and leveraging big data and analytics to optimize the supply chain is startup Elementum, which The Semantic Web Blog initially covered here and which envisions the supply chain as a complex graph of connections. As we reported previously, Elementum’s back-end is based on a real-time Java, MongoDB NoSQL document database and flexible schema graph database to store and map the nodes and edges of a supply chain graph. A URI is used for identifying data resources and metadata, and a federated platform query language makes it possible to access multiple types of data using that URI, regardless of what type of database it is stored in. Mobile apps provide end users access to managing transportation networks, respond to supply chain risks, and monitor the health of the supply chain.

Gartner analyst Michael Dominy writes in the report that Elementum earns its cool designation in part for its exploitation of Gartner’s Nexus of Forces, which the research firm describes as the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios.

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Cloudera Adds Search to Hadoop

Derrick Harris of GigaOM reports, “According to Cloudera CEO Mike Olson, his company has ‘decades’ in front of it in which to enhance its Hadoop platform to become the go-to place for data storage and analysis. At a Tuesday event in San Francisco, Cloudera announced the latest feature meant to further that strategy — full-text search. It comes just weeks after the company’s Impala interactive SQL query engine became publicly available. The general idea behind adding search (something competitor MapR actually did in May), is to let people without deep technical skills find the information they need within a Hadoop cluster in a way that’s familiar to them. ‘You don’t even have to understand what SQL is. You can just type words into a box,’ Olson said during a recent phone call, comparing Cloudera’s search to the process of finding information online or within your Gmail history.” Read more

Digital Reasoning To Give Users New Tool For “Learning” Custom Data Sets

Digital Reasoning, developers of the Synthesys platform for discovering the meaning in unstructured data at scale, has on the roadmap exposing to and packaging up for its customers a simplified version of its internal technology for teaching the system new grammatical structures so that it can quickly understand custom or otherwise specific data sets.

The company has quickly added support for new languages such as Arabic, traditional and simplified Chinese, Farsi and Urdu (with more languages on the way) to Synthesys using the tool. The tool gets the software up to speed on each one in just a few weeks by teaching it the grammatical structure and then letting it go off and figure out what the words mean for its work of transforming unstructured (and structured) data into the underlying facts, entities, relationships, and associated terms.

“In the same way we teach it languages you may have a data set that is highly scientific, for example, and this tool essentially makes it easier for our customers to make Synthesys even more accurate for that specific set of data,” says Dave Danielson, VP of marketing.

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Digital Reasoning Announces Select Partner Program

Digital Reasoning recently announced a new Select Partner Program. According to Digital Reasoning, “The program has been created to support the growing ecosystem of leading technology vendors building the next generation of analytic solutions for Big Data. ‘We strongly believe that working with best-in-class partners is the ideal way to help customers solve their Big Data analytic challenges,’ said Tim Estes, CEO of Digital Reasoning. ‘We are excited about our first partners and look forward to announcing many more in the coming months.’ Initial members of the Select Partner Program include Cloudera, DataStax, and Fetch Technologies.” Read more

Cloudera and Digital Reasoning Partner on Synthesys

Cloudera has announced that Digital Reasoning (who our own Jennifer Zaino recently spoke with) “has integrated Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH3) along with support of HBase, the open-source, distributed, column-oriented store into the upcoming Version 3.1 release of Synthesys. The integration allows Digital Reasoning to achieve extreme scale capabilities and provide complex data analytics to government and commercial markets.” Read more