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Expert System Extends the Cogito API Portfolio

Expert System LogoPALO ALTO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov. 17, 2014) – Expert System (EXSY), the leader in semantic technology, announced today the availability of the Cogito API. As a fully configured API series, Cogito API transforms a business’ ability to organize, link, find and understand unstructured information within corporate intelligence, CRM, human resources, data management, knowledge management and social media monitoring applications.

Using Cogito API, the topics, concepts, entities, relationships and sentiment expressed in any massive collection of text can be analyzed and understood; the data output is returned in a UTF-8 JSON or XML format and made instantly ready to use in enterprise solutions ranging from customer care, sentiment analysis and advanced business intelligence. Read more

Expert System Announces Two New Products at SemTechBiz 2014

Expert System LogoSAN JOSE, CA — (August 18, 2014) – Expert System US, Inc., a leader in semantic technology, today announced the launch of two new product solutions, Cogito Taxonomy Studio and Cogito Connected for Microsoft SharePoint, to their award-winning Semantic Solution Suite. The products will demonstrated at the 10th Annual Semantic Technology & Business Conference (SemTechBiz) in San Jose, CA.

The Cogito Semantic Solution Suite is based on an advanced semantic analysis engine and a complete semantic network that enables a “human-like” understanding of any collection of unstructured documents and text with speed, context and precision. Cogito exceeds the limits of conventional keyword technology and provides more effective management of the growing volume of information companies manage, turning it into accessible, inter-linked and usable knowledge.

The new Cogito Taxonomy Studio is a complete solution that addresses all of the steps in the process of creating and deploying a taxonomy to make all types of enterprise content and other strategic information more accessible. It addresses all steps in the process of creating and deploying a taxonomy to make all types of enterprise content and other strategic information more accessible. The new cloud-based solution will provide data-driven taxonomy node creation and development, taxonomy deployment, automated rules creation categorization rules optimization, and document categorization.

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Expert System Raises $27 Million in IPO

Expert System

CHICAGO, February 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Semantic technology company Expert System today announced that it has raised over $27 million in the company’s IPO on Italian stock exchange AIM Italia. The company’s listing, which began trading this morning, is the largest in AIM Italia history. Expert System, which has two U.S. locations, plans to increase its U.S. investment, with the addition of sales and technical staff, and the opening of a new office in San Francisco next month. Read more

Expert System Announces Integration with Apache Solr

According to a new article, “Expert System, the semantic software company, today announced the full integration of its Cogito semantic platform with the Apache Solr™ open source enterprise search platform. Through the integration with Cogito, organizations using Solr will be able to enhance their technology investment by delivering faster, more precise access to big data and enterprise content. Cogito exceeds the limits of traditional search and provides a deep understanding of words by fully understanding their meaning in context. Backed by a powerful semantic network enhanced by vertical knowledge for the most important sectors (finance, security, oil and gas, etc.), Cogito ensures higher precision and recall than traditional systems.” Read more

A Semantic Look at the Presidential Debates

Luca Scagliarini of Expert System reports, “This week’s presidential debate is being analyzed across the web on a number of fronts, from a factual analysis of what was said, to the number of tweets it prompted. Instead, we used our Cogito semantic engine to analyze the transcript of the debate through a semantic and linguistic lens. Cogito extracted the responses by question, breaking sentences down to their granular detail. This analysis allows us to look at the individual language elements to better understand what was said, as well as how the combined effect of word choice, sentence structure and sentence length might be interpreted by the audience.” Read more

Semantics in Customer Service

The Cogito team has been working on applying semantic technologies to customer service operations. The team writes, “We’re proud to announce our work with Vodafone, one of the world’s largest mobile communications groups. Working with technology partner Assist, we’re using our Cogito Answers semantic platform to provide SMS based customer service that is now successfully handling more that 500,000 SMS requests each month. When a user sends an SMS to the system—“how much will I pay for calls to London?”—Cogito Answers interprets and categorizes the request and quickly retrieves the answer from the internal knowledge base.” Read more

Analyzing The Data: How the World Reacted to Steve Jobs’ Passing

In the weeks since Steve Jobs’ untimely passing, the Cogito team has used semantic technology to sample and analyze sentiment about Jobs on the internet: “Twitter was the place where many immediately went to share quotes, links to online memorials, commercials, cartoons and photos from years past, and to comment about anything and everything related to Jobs.” Read more

Where Semantic Technologies are Making a Difference

The Expert System team participated in a panel at the recent SemTechBiz conference in London and came back with some positive insights about where semantic technologies are making a difference. First off, semantic technologies are “Improving processing of anaphora, which are used commonly in social media communications, such as posts on blogs, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. The interpretation of anaphora is important for a correct analysis of sentiment among several posts, or even in the same post where information is not always explicitly expressed. Correct processing of anaphora allows you to almost double the collection of opinions and sentiment expressed online (i.e., ‘I love the new iPhone’ and, a few posts later ‘But I don’t love it any more’ where the person is still talking about the iPhone).” Read more

Cogito Finds Satisfied Customers in the Financial Sector

Expert System’s Cogito semantic technology is attracting international customers in the financial sector. According to a recent article, “Intesa Sanpaolo, a leading European banking and financial services organization, is among the Finance and Insurance sector clients who have chosen Expert System’s Cogito semantic technology to identify and analyze sentiment for customer feedback.” Read more

Big Data Could Be Big Pain Without Semantic Search To Help Filter It

Big Data is throwing its weight around, and perhaps not entirely the way originally expected. Will your business be able to lift the load?

Getting onboard with semantic search technologies is one way to build muscle to meet the challenge of filtering through the onrush of information. “The concept of Big Data was traditionally associated with databases and such structured information,” says Luca Scagliarini, VP, Strategic and Business Development of Expert System. To this end, organizations put a lot of focus on pulling that information together in data warehouses and creating MDM (Master Data Management) initiatives for defining and managing the entities in them.

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